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Mikael Marcimain
Allison Williams, Alexander Dreymon, Keith David
Writing Credits:
Josh Campbell, Matthew Stuecken

A couple flying on a small plane to attend a tropical island wedding must fight for their lives after their pilot suffers a heart attack.

Rated PG-13.

Aspect Ratio: 2.39:1
English DTS-HD MA 5.1
English DVS
Supplements Subtitles:

Runtime: 92 min.
Price: $34.98
Release Date: 2/16/2021

• 3 Deleted Scenes
• Previews


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Horizon Line [Blu-Ray] (2020)

Reviewed by Colin Jacobson (February 23, 2021)

With 2020’s Horizon Line, we get a thriller about a life-or-death circumstance. A year prior to the story’s events, Sara Johnson (Allison Williams) and Jackson Davisen (Alexander Dreymon) enjoyed an intense vacation romance, but it didn’t last.

Because both plan to attend the wedding of a mutual friend, they now find themselves on a dinky one-engine plane piloted by Sara’s friend Wyman (Keith David). They miss the ferry to the island on which the ceremony will take, place so this aircraft becomes the only way to get there, and they expect a routine flight.

However, once airborne, Wyman suffers a fatal heart attack. This leaves Sara and Jackson on their own as they try to fly their way to safety.

In the annals of plot heavy movies, no one will ever include Horizon Line. While the filmmakers gussy up the proceedings with the tension between Sara and Jackson, the flick really just revolves around various issues they confront while in the air.

Superficial though that may sound, it brings reasonable room for excitement. At its core, Line brings a tale of survival against the odds, and that kind of film doesn’t need a complicated narrative.

That kind of film does need a sense of believability and tension, though. Unfortunately, both quantities seem in fairly short supply during this melodramatic and borderline campy flick.

To sustain the viewer across 92 minutes, the filmmakers searched for various obstacles to throw in the way of Sara and Jackson. While the basic premise of the need to maintain the flight after the death of the pilot would become scary enough in real life, without additional issues, that movie would become pretty monotonous.

As such, Line churns out one problem after another. Though these start out fairly believable, they get sillier and sillier as the movie progresses.

I get the impression the filmmakers quickly ran out of reality-based obstacles so they needed to become more and more “creative”. Unfortunately, this just means we find one contrived, ludicrous scene after another.

As dopey as Line may be, it still manages moderate entertainment value across its fairly brief running time, as the basic premise sustains us. Don’t expect an actual good movie here, though, as this turns into a pretty dopey affair.

The Disc Grades: Picture B+/ Audio B+/ Bonus D+

Horizon Line appears in an aspect ratio of approximately 2.39:1 on this Blu-ray Disc. The movie boasted a terrific transfer.

Sharpness appeared strong. No problems emerged there, as the image displayed crisp and concise information.

Jagged edges and moiré effects created no concerns, and edge haloes were absent. Print flaws remained absent, as we found no specks, marks or other issues.

Line utilized a fairly stylized palette, with a clear teal/amber orientation. Within those constraints, the tones seemed well-reproduced.

Blacks seemed dark and dense, while shadows showed nice clarity other than some blah day for night shots. The latter became my only complaint, as otherwise, this became a very pleasing image.

In addition, the film’s DTS-HD MA 5.1 soundtrack worked well. The soundfield offered a largely good sense of the action, especially during the various airplane scenes. When the aircraft encountered a storm, that provided solid impact as well.

Those allowed for various elements to spread around the room and present a nice impression of movement and impact. Music added good impact and the track melded together in a satisfying manner.

Audio quality worked fine, with speech that appeared natural and concise. Music appeared full and rich, while effects were accurate and dynamic. This wound up as a positive soundtrack.

Three Deleted Scenes fill a total of five minutes, 56 seconds. We find “Have a Drink” (1:13), “It Worked” (3:38) and “Help Us” (1:05).

“Drink” provides a basic character interaction scene that adds nothing, while “Help” shows late film attempts to get rescued.

“Worked” tosses more ludicrous obstacles at our leads as well as relationship bickering. All three cut scenes deserved to get the boot.

The disc opens with ads for Greenland, Honest Thief, Wild Mountain Thyme and The War With Grandpa. No trailer for Line appears here.

As an exploration of the disaster film genre, Horizon Line boasts reasonable potential for drama. Occasionally it succeeds, but the movie gets dumber and sillier as it proceeds. The Blu-ray brings very good picture and audio along with minor bonus materials. This winds up as a spotty thriller.

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