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J. Edgar [Blu-Ray] A-/B/D+
Jabberwocky C/C/C+
Jabberwocky: Criterion Collection [Blu-Ray] B/C/B
Jack And Jill [Blu-Ray] A-/B-/C+
Jack Frost: Remastered Deluxe Edition B+/C+/D
Jack Reacher [Blu-Ray] A-/B+/B
Jack Reacher [4K UHD] A-/B+/B
Jack Reacher: Never Go Back [Blu-Ray] B+/B+/B-
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit [Blu-Ray] B/B+/B-
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit [4K UHD] B+/B+/B-
Jack The Giant Slayer [Blu-Ray] A/A/C-
Jackass: The Movie B/B-/B+
Jacket, The B/B+/C+
Jackie [Blu-Ray] B-/B-/D+
Jackie Brown B-/B+/A-
Jackie Brown [Blu-Ray] B+/B+/A-
Jackson, Janet: All For You B+/B+/NA
Jackson, Janet: Design of a Decade 1986-1996 B-/B-/D+
Jackson, Janet: Live in Hawaii D+/B+/C-
Jackson, Janet: Rhythm Nation B-/B-/F
Jackson, Janet: The Velvet Rope Tour D+/C+/D-
Jackson, Michael: HIStory C-/C+/D-
Jackson, Michael: This Is It [Blu-Ray] B+/B+/C-
Jagged Edge B-/C/D
Jagger, Mick: Being Mick D+/C/B
Jakob the Liar A/A-/C
Jam, The: About the Young Idea [Blu-Ray] B/C/B+
Jamaica Inn [Blu-Ray] B+/B/B-
James and the Giant Peach A-/A-/C-
James And The Giant Peach [Blu-Ray] B+/A-/C-
Jane Got a Gun [Blu-Ray] A-/B/D-
Jarhead B/B+/B
Jarhead [Blu-Ray] B+/B+/B-
Jarhead 3: The Siege [Blu-Ray] A-/B+/D+
Jason Bourne [Blu-Ray] B+/B+/C-
Jason Goes To Hell C/B/C+
Jason Goes To Hell [Blu-Ray] B-/B/D+
Jason X A/B+/B
Jawbreaker A-/A-/C
Jaws B-/B+/B
Jaws: DTS B-/A/B
Jaws: 30th Anniversary Edition B-/A/A-
Jaws [Blu-Ray] A-/A/A
Jaws 2 B+/B-/B
Jaws 2 [Blu-Ray] B-/B-/B
Jaws 3 D+/B/D-
Jaws: The Revenge B-/C+/D-
Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back B+/B+/A
Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back [Blu-Ray] C-/B+/C+
Jazz Singer, The: Deluxe Edition (1927) B+/B/A+
Jazz Singer, The [Blu-Ray Book] A/B/A+
Jeepers Creepers C+/B+/B+
Jeepers Creepers 2: Special Edition B+/B+/B
Jennifer 8 B/B/D-
Jennifer's Body [Blu-Ray] B/B+/B
Jerk, The D+/C-/D-
Jerk, The: 26th Anniversary Edition B+/B/D
Jerry Maguire: 20th Anniversary Edition [Blu-Ray] B/B-/B+
Jersey Boys [Blu-Ray] B+/B/C-
Jersey Girl B/B-/A-
Jersey Shore: Season One - Uncensored C-/C/B-
Jessabelle [Blu-Ray] B/B/B-
Jesus Camp B-/C+/C+
Jetsons, The: The Complete First Season C/C-/D+
Jewel Of The Nile, The C/B+/B-
Jewel Of The Nile, The [Blu-Ray] C+/B+/B-
JFK: Special Edition (Oliver Stone Collection) C+/B/B+
JFK: 2003 Special Edition C+/B/A-
JFK: Ultimate Collector's Edition C+/B/A
JFK [Blu-Ray] C/B/A
JFK: 50 Year Commemorative Ultimate Collector's Edition [Blu-Ray] C/B/A+
J. Geils Band: House Party Live in Germany C/C/C-
Jigsaw [Blu-Ray] B+/B/B
Jimi: All Is By My Side [Blu-Ray] C+/B-/D
Jiminy Glick In La La Wood B/B/B-
Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius A/A-/C
Jingle All The Way B/B-/D-
Jingle All The Way: Family Fun Edition B/B-/C-
Jingle All The Way [Blu-Ray] B-/B-/C-
Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst [Blu-Ray] B/C+/D
JLA Adventures: Trapped In Time B/C+/D+
Joe Dirt B+/B/B
Joe Dirt [Blu-Ray] B/B/B
Joe Versus the Volcano A-/C+/D
Joe Versus the Volcano [Blu-Ray] B/B-/D
Joel, Billy: The Last Play at Shea [Blu-Ray] B-/C/C-
John Adams B/B+/B
John Adams [Blu-Ray] B+/B+/B
John Carter [Blu-Ray] A-/A-/B
John Dies At The End B+/B+/B-
John, Elton: Elton 60 - Live At Madison Square Garden B+/A-/A
John, Elton: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road B/B+/B
John, Elton: Live in Barcelona C-/B-/C+
John, Elton: The Million Dollar Piano [Blu-Ray] B/B/C-
John, Elton: One Night Only C+/A-/D+
Johnny English Strikes Again [Blu-Ray] B/B/B-
Johnny Guitar [Blu-Ray] B/B-/B-
John Q B+/B+/B+
Johnson Family Vacation A-/B/B
Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie A/B+/A+
Jonah Hex B/A-/D
Jonah Hex [Blu-Ray] A-/A/B
Jonathan [Blu-Ray] B-/B-/D-
Joseph: King of Dreams A/B+/C
Joshy [Blu-Ray] B/B-/C
Josie and the Pussycats B+/B+/B
Journey To The Center Of The Earth (2008) NA/A-/C+
Journey 2: The Mysterious Island [Blu-Ray] A/A-/C
Journeys With George C/C/F
Joy [Blu-Ray] B+/B/C
Joy Ride B/A-/A-
Joy Ride 3: Roadkill [Blu-Ray] A-/B/B
Judge, The [Blu-Ray] B/B-/B-
Judge Dredd [Blu-Ray] B+/A-/D+
Judgment At Nuremberg B/C+/B-
Judgment Day B-/B+/D
Judgment Night [Blu-Ray] B/B/F
Juice B-/B/F
Juice [Blu-Ray] B+/B/B-
Julie & Julia [Blu-Ray] A-/C+/C+
Jumanji B/B+/B
Jumanji: Deluxe Edition B/B+/B
Jumanji: Anniversary Edition [Blu-Ray] C+/B+/B
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle [Blu-Ray] A-/A-/C
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle [4K UHD] A/A/C
Jungle Book, The B/B+/F
Jungle Book, The: 40th Anniversary Edition B+/B/A-
Jungle Book, The: Diamond Edition [Blu-Ray] B-/B/B+
Jungle Book, The [Blu-Ray] (2016) A-/A-/B-
Jungle Book, The: Collector's Edition [Blu-Ray 3D] (2016) A-/A-/B
Jungle Book 2, The B+/B/D+
Jungle Book 2, The: Special Edition B+/B/D+
Juno B-/B-/B
Juno [Blu-Ray] B/B-/B
Jupiter Ascending [Blu-Ray] A-/A-/C
Jupiter Ascending [Blu-Ray 3D] A-/A-/C
Jurassic Park C-/B+/B
Jurassic Park [Blu-Ray] B+/A/B+
Jurassic Park [Blu-Ray 3D] B+/A/B+
Jurassic Park [4K UHD] B/A/B+
Lost World: Jurassic Park C-/A-/B-
Lost World: Jurassic Park [Blu-Ray] B/A/B+
Lost World: Jurassic Park [4K UHD] B/A/B+
Jurassic Park III B+/A-/B
Jurassic Park III [Blu-Ray] B+/A/B+
Jurassic Park III [4K UHD] B/A/B+
Jurassic Park Trilogy A-/A-/A-
Jurassic World [Blu-Ray] A/A/C+
Jurassic World [Blu-Ray 3D] A/A/C+
Jurassic World [4K UHD] B/A/C+
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom [Blu-Ray] A-/A/B-
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom [4K UHD] A/A/B-
Just Go With It [Blu-Ray] A-/B-/B
Just Married A-/B+/B-
Just Wright [Blu-Ray] A-/C+/D+
Justice League (2001) B+/C/D-
Justice League [Blu-Ray] (2017) B+/A/B-
Justice League [4K UHD] (2017) A-/A/B-
Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths [Blu-Ray] A-/B/B+
Justice League Dark [Blu-Ray] A-/B/B-
Justice League: Doom [Blu-Ray] A-/A-/B
Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox [Blu-Ray] B+/B+/B+
Justice League: Gods and Monsters [Blu-Ray] B+/B+/B-
Justice League: Justice On Trial B+/B/D+
Justice League: The New Frontier - Commemorative Edition [Blu-Ray] A-/B+/B+
Justice League: Throne of Atlantis - Commemorative Edition [Blu-Ray] B+/B+/B+
Justice League: Throne of Atlantis - Commemorative Edition [4K UHD] B+/B+/B+
Justice League vs. the Fatal Five [Blu-Ray] A-/B+/B-
Justice League vs. Teen Titans [Blu-Ray] B+/B+/B-

K-19: The Widowmaker B/A-/B
K-19: The Widowmaker [Blu-Ray] B-/A-/B
Kalifornia: Collector's Edition [Blu-Ray] B/B/C+
Karate Kid, The D+/C/C+
Karate Kid, The [Blu-Ray] B+/B+/B
Karate Kid, The [Blu-Ray] (2010) B+/B/B-
Karate Kid II, The D+/C/D
Karate Kid II, The [Blu-Ray] B-/B/D+
Karate Kid Part III, The C+/C+/D-
Kate & Leopold B-/B+/B+
Kate & Leopold [Blu-Ray] B+/B+/B
Keanu [Blu-Ray] B+/B+/C-
Keeper Of The Flame C/C/D
Keeping Up With the Joneses [Blu-Ray] C+/B/C-
Keith Richards and the X-pensive Winos: Live at the Paladium C-/B+/D-
Kentucky Fried Movie, The C-/B-/C+
Kentucky Fried Movie, The [Blu-Ray] C/B-/B-
Key & Peele: The Complete Series C+/B-/C+
Key Largo [Blu-Ray] A-/C/D-
Kick-Ass [Blu-Ray] B/B+/A
Kick-Ass [4K UHD] B/B+/A
Kid, The (2000) B+/B+/B
Kid, The: The Chaplin Collection (1921) A-/B/B
Kidnap [Blu-Ray] (2017) A-/A-/D-
Kill Bill: Volume One B+/B+/C
Kill Bill: Volume One [Blu-Ray] B+/B+/C
Kill Bill: Volume Two B+/B+/C-
Kill Bill: Volume Two [Blu-Ray] A-/B+/C-
Kill Switch [Blu-Ray] B/B+/C+
Kill Your Darlings [Blu-Ray] B+/B/B+
Kill Your Friends [Blu-Ray] B/B/C-
Killer, The: Criterion Collection C/D+/B-
Killer Klowns from Outer Space [Blu-Ray] B/B/A
Killer's Kiss, The C-/D/D-
Killing, The B-/C+/D-
Killing, The: Criterion Collection [Blu-Ray] A-/B-/B+
Killing Fields, The [Blu-Ray Book] B/B/C+
Killing Gunther [Blu-Ray] B+/B+/D+
Killing Hasselhoff C+/C+/D+
Killing Lincoln [Blu-Ray] B/B+/B-
Killing Of John Lennon, The D+/B/C+
Killing Reagan B/B-/D
Killing Season [Blu-Ray] B/B/D-
Killing Them Softly B/B/D+
Kin [Blu-Ray] B+/B+/A
King Arthur: Director's Cut A-/A/B-
King Arthur: Director's Cut [Blu-Ray] C-/B+/B-
King Arthur: Legend of the Sword [Blu-Ray] B+/A-/B-
King Kong (1933) B/B/A-
King Kong [Blu-Ray] (1933) A/B/A-
King Kong (1976) C/D+/D-
King Kong (2005 Re-Issue) (1976) D+/C-/D-
King Kong (2005) A+/A+/D-
King Kong: Special Edition (2005) A+/A+/A-
King Kong: Deluxe Extended Edition (2005) A+/A+/A+
King Kong [Blu-Ray] (2005) A/A+/B-
King Kong: Ultimate Edition [Blu-Ray] (2005) A/A+/A+
King Kong: Peter Jackson's Production Diaries D+/C-/C
King Kong Lives B+/B-/F
King Of Comedy, The B-/C/C+
King Of Kings [Blu-Ray] A-/B/D
King Of Kong, The C/C/B+
King Of Marvin Gardens, The B/C-/D-
King Of Marvin Gardens, The: America Lost and Found - The BBS Story (Criterion Collection) [Blu-Ray] B/C/C+
King Of New York: Special Edition B+/B-/B-
King Of Texas B-/C/F+
King Of The Hill: Criterion Collection [Blu-Ray] A-/B-/A-
King Of The Hill: The Complete First Season C+/B-/B
King Of The Hill: The Complete Second Season B-/B-/B+
King Of The Hill: The Complete Third Season B/B-/F
King Of The Hill: The Complete Fourth Season B/B-/F
King Of The Hill: The Complete Fifth Season B-/B-/F
King Of The Hill: The Complete Sixth Season B-/B-/F
Kingdom, The B-/B/B
Kingdom Of Heaven B+/A-/B+
Kingdom Of Heaven: Director's Cut B+/A-/A+
Kingdom Of Heaven: Ultimate Edition [Blu-Ray] A-/A-/A+
Kingpin B-/C-/C
Kingpin [Blu-Ray] B/C/C+
Kingsman: The Secret Service [Blu-Ray] B/B+/B
Kingsman: The Golden Circle [Blu-Ray] A-/A-/B
Kings of Summer, The [Blu-Ray] B-/B-/B-
King's Speech, The [Blu-Ray] B/B-/B-
Kinks, The: One For the Road D+/C+/B-
Kinks, The: You Really Got Me - The Story Of The Kinks D/D/F
Kinsey: Special Edition B-/B-/A-
Kiss Me Deadly (Criterion Collection) [Blu-Ray] B/B-/B-
Kiss Of The Dragon B/B+/B-
Kiss: Rocks Vegas [Blu-Ray] B/C-/C-
Kite [Blu-Ray] B/B/C-
Kite Runner, The B-/B/B-
Knick, The: Complete First Season B/B-/C-
Knight & Day [Blu-Ray] B+/B+/C-
Knight's Tale, A A-/A-/A-
Knight's Tale, A: Extended Edition A/A-/B-
Knight's Tale, A: Superbit A/A-/F
Knight's Tale, A: Extended Edition [Blu-Ray] C+/A-/F
Knights Of Badassdom [Blu-Ray] B/B/C-
Knockaround Guys A-/B-/C-
Knock Knock [Blu-Ray] B+/B-/C
Knocked Up B/B/A
Knocked Up [Blu-Ray] B/B/A
Knowing [Blu-Ray] A-/A-/B-
Kolobos [Blu-Ray] C/C-/B-
Kong: Skull Island [Blu-Ray] A-/A/B-
Kong: Skull Island [Blu-Ray 3D] A-/A/B-
Kramer vs. Kramer B/C/B
Kramer vs. Kramer: Columbia Best Pictures Collection C+/C+/B-
Kramer vs. Kramer [Blu-Ray] B/C+/B-
Kronk's New Groove A-/B/D+
Kronk's New Groove [Blu-Ray] B+/B/D+
Krull B+/B/B
Krush Groove B-/C-/B-
Krypton: Season One [Blu-Ray] B+/B+/C
Kubrick, Stanley: The New Collection NA/NA/NA
Kubrick, Stanley: Life In Pictures B/B/F
Kung Fu Panda A-/B+/B
Kung Fu Panda: Ultimate Edition of Awesomeness A-/B+/C+
Kung Fu Panda [Blu-Ray] A/B+/B+
Kung Fu Panda [Blu-Ray 3D] A/B+/B-
Kung Fu Panda 2: Ultimate Edition of Awesomeness A-/B+/C+
Kung Fu Panda 2 [Blu-Ray] A/B+/B
Kung Fu Panda 3 [Blu-Ray] A+/B+/C-
Kung Fu Panda Holiday [Blu-Ray] A/B/D+
Kwaidan: Criterion Collection A-/C-/D-
Kwaidan: Criterion Collection [Blu-Ray] B+/B-/B-

LA Confidential C/B/C+
LA Confidential: Special Edition C/B/A
LA Confidential [Blu-Ray] B-/B/A
LA Confidential: 20th Anniversary Edition [Blu-Ray] B-/B/A
La Femme Nikita B/C+/D-
La Femme Nikita: Special Edition B/B/C-
Labor Day [Blu-Ray] B+/B-/B-
Labyrinth A-/C+/B-
Labyrinth [Blu-Ray] B+/B/A-
Labyrinth: Anniversary Edition A/B/A-
Labyrinth: Collector's Edition Boxed Set A-/B/B
Labyrinth: Superbit A-/B/F
Ladder 49 B/A-/B
Lady And The Tramp A-/B/F
Lady And The Tramp: 50th Anniversary Edition A+/B+/B+
Lady And The Tramp [Blu-Ray] A/B+/A-
Lady And The Tramp: Signature Collection [Blu-Ray] A/B+/B-
Lady And The Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure A/B+/B+
Lady And The Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure [Blu-Ray] A/B+/B+
Lady And The Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure (Limited Edition) A/B+/B+
Lady Bird [Blu-Ray] B/B-/B-
Lady In The Car With Glasses and a Gun [Blu-Ray] B/B-/C-
Lady In The Water B-/B/C+
Lady In The Water [Blu-Ray] D+/B-/C+
Lady Vanishes, The: Criterion Collection C+/C+/C-
Lady Vanishes, The: Criterion Collection (2-Disc Edition) B-/B-/B+
Lady Vanishes, The: Criterion Collection [Blu-Ray] B/B-/B+
Ladykillers, The B+/B/C
Laggies [Blu-Ray] B+/B-/B-
Laid in America [Blu-Ray] C+/B-/C+
Lake House, The B/B-/D
Lakeview Terrace B-/B+/B-
Lambert and Stamp [Blu-Ray] B-/B/B
Land Of The Dead B+/A-/C+
Land Of The Dead [Blu-Ray] B+/A-/A
Land Of The Dead: Collector's Edition [Blu-Ray] B/A-/C+
Land Of The Lost [Blu-Ray] D+/B/D
lang, k.d.: Harvest of Seven Years C-/C+/F
lang, k.d.: Live By Request A-/A/F
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider B/A/B
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider [Blu-Ray] D+/B+/B
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2018 Remaster) [Blu-Ray] C/A-/B
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider [4K UHD] B/A-/B
Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life A-/A/B
Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life [Blu-Ray] B+/A/B
Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life [4K UHD] B+/A/B
Larry Crowne [Blu-Ray] B-/B/NA
Larry Sanders Show, The: Not Just The Best Of The Larry Sanders Show D+/C/B+
Last Action Hero D+/A-/F
Last Action Hero [Blu-Ray] B-/A-/D-
Last Boy Scout, The: Action Double Feature [Blu-Ray] B/B/NA
Last Broadcast, The C+/B-/C
Last Detail, The D+/C-/D
Last Emperor, The D-/C+/D-
Last Emperor, The: Criterion Collection B/B/A
Last Exorcism, The: Part II [Blu-Ray] B+/B/C+
Last Face, The [Blu-Ray] B+/B/D
Last Flag Flying [Blu-Ray] B+/B-/C
Last Holiday B-/B-/C
Last House On The Left, The D/D+/B+
Last House On The Left, The: Collector's Edition D/D+/B
Last House On The Left [Blu-Ray], The D/C-/A-
Last House On The Left, The: Unrated [Blu-Ray] (2009) B+/B+/D+
Last King Of Scotland, The B/B+/B
Last King Of Scotland [Blu-Ray], The B+/B+/B
Last Kiss, The C+/C+/B-
Last Kiss, The [Blu-Ray] C+/C+/B-
Last Man on Earth: The Complete First Season B/C+/C+
Last Mimzy, The B+/A-/A-
Last Of The Mohicans, The: Director's Expanded Edition B+/B/D-
Last Of The Mohicans, The [Blu-Ray] C+/B+/B-
Last Picture Show, The C+/C+/B
Last Picture Show, The: America Lost and Found - The BBS Story (Criterion Collection) [Blu-Ray] B/C+/A
Last Samurai, The: Special Edition A-/B+/B+
Last Song, The [Blu-Ray] B/B-/B-
Last Stand Of The 300 C/C+/F
Last Temptation of Christ, The: Criterion Collection B+/A/B+
Last Temptation Of Christ, The: Criterion Collection [Blu-Ray] A-/B+/B-
Last Vegas [Blu-Ray] A-/B-/C+
Last Waltz, The B+/B+/A-
Last Witch Hunter, The [Blu-Ray] B+/B+/C+
Laura C+/C+/A-
Laura [Blu-Ray] B+/C+/A-
Lawnmower Man, The: Collector's Edition [Blu-Ray] B/B/B+
Lawrence of Arabia C-/A-/B
Lawrence Of Arabia: Collector's Edition A-/A-/C+
Lawrence of Arabia: Superbit A-/A-/F
Lawrence Of Arabia [Blu-Ray] A/A-/B-
Laws Of Attraction B+/B-/C-
Le Divorce B-/B-/F
League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The B/A/B+
League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The [Blu-Ray] C+/A/B-
League Of Their Own, A A-/C+/F
League Of Their Own, A: Special Edition B+/C-/B+
League Of Their Own, A [Blu-Ray] B/B-/B+
Leatherface [Blu-Ray] (2017) B+/B/C-
Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III [Blu-Ray] (1990) B/B/B
Leatherheads A-/B-/B-
Leave Her To Heaven: Fox Studio Classics B-/C-/C+
Led Zeppelin B+/A-/B
Led Zeppelin: The Song Remains The Same (Special Edition) B+/A-/B-
Left Behind [Blu-Ray] C+/C+/C-
Leftovers: The Complete First Season [Blu-Ray] A-/B/C+
Leftovers: The Complete Second Season [Blu-Ray] B+/B+/F
Legally Blonde B+/B/B+
Legally Blonde 2: Red, White, and Blonde [Blu-Ray] C-/B-/B
Legally Blonde 2: Red, White, and Blonde (Special Edition) B/B-/B
Legend A-/B+/A-
Legend [Blu-Ray] B+/B+/A-
Legend of Hercules, The [Blu-ray/Blu-Ray 3D] A-/A-/B-
Legend of Hercules, The [4K UHD] A-/A-/B-
Legend of Tarzan, The [Blu-Ray] B+/A-/C+
Legend of Tarzan, The [Blu-Ray 3D] B+/A-/C+
Legend Of The Guardians: The Owls of Ga'hoole [Blu-Ray] A+/A/B-
Legend Of Zorro, The: Special Edition B+/A-/B
Legends Of The Fall: Deluxe Edition B+/A/B+
Legends of the Fall: Special Edition B+/A/B+
Legends of the Fall: Superbit B+/A/F
Legends of Tomorrow: The Complete First Season [Blu-Ray] B+/B+/C-
Legends of Tomorrow: The Complete Second Season [Blu-Ray] B+/B+/C
Legends of Tomorrow: The Complete Third Season [Blu-Ray] B+/B+/B-
Legion C/B+/C-
Legion: The Complete Season One [Blu-Ray] B/B/C
Lego Batman Movie, The [Blu-Ray] B/A-/B
Lego Batman Movie, The [Blu-Ray 3D] B/A-/B
Lego Movie, The [Blu-Ray] B+/B+/B
Lego Movie, The [Blu-Ray 3D] B+/B+/B
Lego Ninjago Movie, The [Blu-Ray] B/A-/B
Lego Ninjago Movie, The [4K UHD] B+/A-/B
Lego Scooby-Doo: Blowout Beach Bash [Blu-Ray] A-/B-/C
Lego Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Out B/B/D-
Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures - Season One [Blu-Ray] A/B-/D-
Leisure Seeker, The C+/C+/C
Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events: Collector's Edition A-/B+/A
Lennon, John: Imagine/Gimme Some Truth C+/B+/C-
Lennon, John: Plastic Ono Band C/B-/B-
Lennon, John and the Plastic Ono Band: Sweet Toronto C+/C+/D-
Lennon Legend: The Very Best Of John Lennon D+/A-/C+
Lennon Naked B/C/F
LennoNYC B/B-/F
LennoNYC [Blu-Ray] B+/B-/C-
Lennox, Annie Live in Central Park D+/A-/C+
Leon: The Professional B-/B/C-
Leon: The Professional (Superbit) B-/C+/F
Leon: The Professional (Deluxe Edition) B-/B-/B
Leon: The Professional [Blu-Ray] B+/B+/B-
Leon: The Professional [Blu-Ray 4K] A/A-/B-
Leroy & Stitch A-/B+/C-
Les Girls [Blu-Ray] B/B/D+
Les MisÚrables (1998) A/B-/D-
Les MisÚrables [Blu-Ray] (2012) C+/C+/D-
Lesson, The [Blu-Ray] B+/B+/B-
Let's Make Love C/C+/D-
Lethal Weapon B+/C+/D
Lethal Weapon: The Lethal Weapon Collection [Blu-Ray] B-/C+/C+
Lethal Weapon 2: The Lethal Weapon Collection [Blu-Ray] B/B/C
Lethal Weapon 3: The Lethal Weapon Collection [Blu-Ray] B+/B/C
Lethal Weapon 4 B/B+/B+
Lethal Weapon 4: The Lethal Weapon Collection [Blu-Ray] A-/B+/C+
Lethal Weapon Collection, The: Bonus Disc [Blu-Ray] B/B/B-
Lethal Weapon: The Complete First Season [Blu-Ray] B+/B+/C-
Letter To Three Wives, A: Fox Studio Classics B/B-/B
Letter To Three Wives, A [Blu-Ray] A-/B/B
Letters From Iwo Jima: Special Edition A/A/C+
Letters To Juliet [Blu-Ray] B+/C+/B-
Leviathan [Blu-Ray] C+/B/B-
Liar Liar B-/B-/B-
Liar Liar [Blu-Ray] B-/B-/B-
Liberator, The [Blu-Ray] B+/C+/C+
Libertine, The B+/B-/B
License To Drive: Special Edition C+/B-/B
Licence To Kill C+/A-/B+
Licence To Kill: Ultimate Edition B+/A-/A-
License To Kill [Blu-Ray] B+/A-/A-
License To Wed B/B-/D+
Life [Blu-Ray] (2017) A-/A-/C
Life And Death Of Peter Sellers, The B/B-/B+
Life And Times Of Hank Greenberg, The C-/C/B
Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean, The [Blu-Ray] B/C+/D-
Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou, The: Criterion Collection B+/B-/A-
Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou, The: Criterion Collection [Blu-Ray] B+/B-/A-
Life As We Know It [Blu-Ray] C/C+/C-
Life Is Beautiful B+/C+/D+
Life Is Beautiful [Blu-Ray] B+/C+/D
Life Of Brian, Monty Python's: Criterion Collection D+/D+/B+
Life Of Brian, Monty Python's [Blu-Ray] C/C/A-
Life Of Emile Zola, The C+/B-/B-
Life Of Pi [Blu-Ray] B+/B+/B
Life Of the Party [Blu-Ray] B/B/C
Life On the Line [Blu-Ray] B/B+/D
Life Partners [Blu-Ray] B+/B-/D
Life's Too Short: The Complete First Season B-/C+/C
Lifeboat B-/C/B-
Life Stinks C+/C+/C-
Light Between Oceans, The [Blu-Ray] A-/B+/C+
Lights Out [Blu-Ray] A-/B+/D+/b>
Like Mike B+/B+/B
Lilo & Stitch B-/A-/B-
Lilo & Stitch: Big Wave Edition B-/A-/A+
Lilo & Stitch [Blu-Ray] A/A-/B
Lilo & Stitch II: Stitch Has A Glitch A-/B+/D
Lilo & Stitch II: Stitch Has A Glitch [Blu-Ray] B+/B+/D
Limbo A/B/C
Limitless [Blu-Ray] B+/B+/B-
Lincoln [Blu-Ray] A/B+/C
Lincoln Lawyer, The B+/B/C
Lion [Blu-Ray] B/B/C-
Lion Guard: The Rise of Scar B+/B-/B-
Lion King, The A/A-/A-
Lion King, The [Blu-Ray] A/A-/B
Lion King, The: Signature Collection [Blu-Ray] A/A-/B-
Lion King 1 1/2, The A-/B/C+
Lion King 1 1/2, The [Blu-Ray] A+/B/C-
Lion King 2, The: Simba's Pride A/A-/D
Lion King 2, The: Simba's Pride (Special Edition) A/A-/C
Lion King 2, The: Simba's Pride [Blu-Ray] A/A-/D+
Lionheart [Blu-Ray] C+/D/B
Lions For Lambs B/B+/C
Little Caesar C+/C/B-
Little Caesar [Blu-Ray] C+/C/B-
Little Children B/B/D-
Little Chaos, A B+/B-/F
Little Drummer Boy, The: Original Christmas Classics Anniversary Collector's Edition [Blu-Ray] D/B-/F
Little Mermaid, The B-/B+/F
Little Mermaid, The: Platinum Edition B+/B+/A-
Little Mermaid, The [Blu-Ray] B+/B+/A-
Little Mermaid II, The: Return To The Sea A-/B+/C-
Little Mermaid II, The: Return To The Sea - Special Edition B+/B/C-
Little Miss Sunshine C+/C+/B
Little Miss Sunshine [Blu-Ray] C+/C+/B+
Little Nicky A/A-/A
Little Romance, A B-/C/D
Little Shop Of Horrors [Blu-Ray] B/B/B
Little Stranger, The [Blu-Ray] B/B/D+
Little Women: Special Edition (1994) A-/B+/B
Live 8 B/B/B
Live Aid C+/B/B-
Live Aid: 20 Years Ago Today C+/B/F
Live at Knebworth 1990 C+/B-/D+-
(Carole King & James Taylor:) Live At The Troubador A-/A-/C+
Live And Let Die C/C+/B+
Live And Let Die: Ultimate Edition B-/B+/A-
Live And Let Die [Blu-Ray] A-/B+/A-
Live By Night [Blu-Ray] A-/B+/B
Live Free Or Die C+/C+/B-
Live Free Or Die Hard: Collector's Edition A-/A-/B+
Live Free Or Die Hard [Blu-Ray] A-/A-/B+
Live Nude Girls C-/D+/D+
Living Daylights, The B-/B+/B+
Living Daylights, The: Ultimate Edition B+/B+/A-
Living Daylights, The [Blu-Ray] C+/B+/A-
Lockout [Blu-Ray] A-/A/C-
Lodger, The: Criterion Collection [Blu-Ray] B-/B-/B+
Logan [Blu-Ray] A-/A-/B+
Logan Lucky [Blu-Ray] A-/B/D
Logan Lucky [4K UHD] A/B/D
Logan's Run D/B+/C+
Logan's Run [Blu-Ray] B/B+/C+
Lolita (1962) C+/B-/D-
Lolita (1962): New Stanley Kubrick Collection A-/B/D-
Lolita [Blu-Ray] (1962) B/B-/D-
London Boulevard [Blu-Ray] A-/B/D+
London Fields B-/B-/D-
Lone Ranger, The [Blu-Ray] (2013) A-/A-/C-
Lone Survivor [Blu-Ray] A-/A-/C-
Lone Survivor [4K UHD] A/A-/C-
Longest Day (Cinema Classics Collection), The D+/B-/B+
Longest Day, The: John Wayne Film Collection D/B-/D-
Longest Day, The [Blu-Ray] C+/B+/B+
Longest Ride, The [Blu-Ray] B+/B/C+
Longest Week, The [Blu-Ray] B/B-/D+
Longest Yard, The (1974) C+/C+/C+
Longest Yard, The (2005) B-/B+/C
Longshots, The C+/C+/C
Looker B-/B-/C+
Looker [Blu-Ray] C+/B-/C+
Looking For Comedy In The Muslim World B-/B-/D+
Lookout, The B/B/B
Looming Tower, The [Blu-Ray] B+/B/C+
Looney Tunes: Back In Action A-/B/C
Looney Tunes Golden Collection B/C-/A
Looney Tunes Golden Collection: Volume II B/C-/A
Looney Tunes Mouse Chronicles: The Chuck Jones Collection [Blu-Ray] B+/C+/B
Looney Tunes Premiere Collection B/C-/D-
Looney Tunes Spotlight Collection: Volume II B/C-/D-
Looney Tunes Super Stars: Bugs Bunny - Hare Extraordinaire C-/C/D-
Looney Tunes Super Stars: Daffy Duck - Frustrated Fowl C-/C-/D-
Looper [Blu-Ray] A-/A-/B
Lorax, The [Blu-Ray] A/B+/B-
Lord of Illusions [Blu-Ray] C+/B/B
Lord Of The Flies: Criterion Collection C+/C-/B+
Lord of the Rings, The: The Fellowship of the Ring A-/A-/B
Lord of the Rings, The: The Fellowship of Ring (Special Extended Edition) A-/A-/A+
Lord of the Rings, The: The Fellowship of the Ring (Limited Edition) A-/A-/C+
Lord of the Rings, The: The Fellowship of the Ring [Blu-Ray] B/A-/B
Lord Of The Rings, The: The Fellowship Of The Ring (Extended Edition) [Blu-Ray] A/A-/A+
Lord of the Rings, The: The Two Towers A/A/B-
Lord of the Rings, The: The Two Towers (Limited Edition) A+/A/C+
Lord of the Rings, The: The Two Towers (Special Extended Edition) A+/A/A+
Lord of the Rings, The: The Two Towers [Blu-Ray] A/A/B-
Lord Of The Rings, The: The Two Towers (Extended Edition) [Blu-Ray] A+/A/A+
Lord of the Rings, The: The Return Of The King A/A-/C
Lord of the Rings, The: The Return Of The King (Special Extended Edition) A/A/A+
Lord of the Rings, The: The Return Of The King (Limited Edition) A/A/C+
Lord of the Rings, The: The Return Of The King [Blu-Ray] A/A/C
Lord Of The Rings, The: The Return Of The King (Extended Edition) [Blu-Ray] A/A/A+
Lord of War [Blu-Ray] C/B/F
Lord of War [4K UHD] C+/B+/B-
Lords of Flatbush, The D+/D+/D
Lords Of Salem, The [Blu-Ray] B/B/C
Loser A-/B+/D
Losers, The [Blu-Ray] A-/A-/C-
Lost Boys, The A-/B/B+
Lost Boys, The [Blu-Ray] B+/B/B+
Lost City of Z, The [Blu-Ray] B+/B/B-
Lost Horizon (1937) C-/C+/B-
Lost In America B-/C-/D-
Lost In America: Criterion Collection [Blu-Ray] B/C+/B-
Lost In La Mancha B/C+/A
Lost In Space (1998) A-/A-/A-
Lost In Space [Blu-Ray] (1998) B-/A-/B+
Lost River B+/B/F
Lost Weekend, The C+/B-/D-
Lost World, The (1960 & 1925 Versions) B-/C/B
Lost World: Jurassic Park C-/A-/B-
Lost World: Jurassic Park [Blu-Ray] B/A/B+
Lost World: Jurassic Park [4K UHD] B/A/B+
Love Affair (1939) F/F/D-
Love Affair: Academy Collection - The Envelope Please (V1) (1939) F/F/D-
Love And Death B+/B-/D-
Love Bug, The C+/B-/A-
Love Guru, The B/B/C+
Love In the Afternoon [Blu-Ray] C+/B-/D-
Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing A-/B/B
Love, Simon [Blu-Ray] B+/B-/B-
Love the Coopers [Blu-Ray] B/B-/D+
Lovers, The [Blu-Ray] B+/B-/B--
Loves of Carmen, The A-/B-/D+
Loving [Blu-Ray] B+/B-/C+
Lucky Number Slevin B+/B+/B
Lucky Numbers B/B/C
Lucky One, The [Blu-Ray] A-/B+/D+
Luke Cage: The Complete First Season [Blu-Ray] B/B/D+
Lured Innocence C+/C+/C