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This Week's Attractions

The Boss THE BOSS (2016)
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Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Bell. Universal, $34.98, 7/26/2016.
A titan of industry is sent to prison after she's caught insider trading. When she emerges ready to rebrand herself as America's latest sweetheart, not everyone she screwed over is so quick to forgive and forget.

Hardcore Henry [Blu-Ray] Criminal [Blu-Ray] Sing Street [Blu-Ray] The New World: Criterion Collection [Blu-Ray] Barbershop: The Next Cut [Blu-Ray] Stanley Cup Champions 2016 [Blu-Ray]

Bulletin - Week of 7/24 - 7/30

CONFIRMATION [BLU-RAY] (2016): "At its best, Confirmation provides an enjoyable take on controversial events from 25 years ago. Unfortunately, it lacks the insight it needs to be more than basic entertainment." Starring Kerry Washington, Wendell Pierce. HBO, $24.98, 8/2/2016.

BAD WORDS [BLU-RAY] (2013): "Despite occasionally miscalculations, Bad Words usually provides a pretty entertaining character piece. It expands beyond its wacky premise to deliver a witty tale." Starring Jason Bateman, Kathryn Hahn. Universal, $34.98, 7/8/2013.

THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE: SEASON ONE [BLU-RAY] (2016): "How could a series about a law student turned high-class prostitute be so boring? The Girlfriend Experience mixes tedious dalliances with minimal character development to become a dull ride." Starring Riley Keough, Paul Sparks. Anchor Bay, $49.99, 8/2/2016.

JAWS 2 [BLU-RAY] (1978): "Although Jaws 2 will always maintain a fond spot in my memories, I must face facts: itís not much of a movie. To be certain, parts of the film offer some reasonably well-executed action sequences, but the flick lacks tension or character and provides little more than a few moments of excitement." Starring Roy Scheider, Lorraine Gary. Universal, $14.98, 6/14/2016.

I AM WRATH [BLU-RAY] (2016): "Not much about I Am Wrath works. Its star seems badly miscast and its director shows no signs of artistic growth since his peak 20 years ago." Starring John Travolta, Rebecca De Mornay. Lionsgate, $24.99, 7/26/2016.

LIAR LIAR [BLU-RAY] (1997): "Liar Liar stands as easily the best film directed by Tom Shadyac, and itís one of the more satisfying Jim Carrey comedies. Nowhere else does he showcase his talents to such terrific effect." Starring Jim Carrey, Maura Tierney. Universal, $9.98, 7/9/2013.

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