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This Week's Attractions

The Good Lie [Blu-Ray] THE GOOD LIE [BLU-RAY] (2014)
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Reese Witherspoon, Arnold Oceng. Warner, $35.99, 12/23/2014.
Sudanese refugees given the chance to resettle in America arrive in Kansas City, Missouri. where their encounter with an employment agency counselor forever changes all of their lives.

Continuum: Season 3 [Blu-Ray] Pride [Blu-Ray] Dominion: Season 1 [Blu-Ray] Union Station [Blu-Ray] Intruders: Season 1 [Blu-Ray] The Trip to Italy [Blu-Ray]

Bulletin - Week of 12/21 - 12/27

With Christmas this week, updates might be inconsistent - it'll depend on how tired I get of dealing with my family. In the meantime, head to our special Holiday page for last-minute viewing recommendations.

BOYHOOD [BLU-RAY]: (2014) "While I admire the scope and ambition of Boyhood, the movie itself leaves me more cold than I’d like. Parts of it engage but the flick’s loose, meandering nature makes it somewhat dull." Starring Patricia Arquette, Ethan Hawke. Paramount, $39.99, 1/6/2015.

CATWOMAN [BLU-RAY]: (2004) "Catwoman might be the all-time worst big-budget superhero movie. It possesses few to no redeeming factors as it craps all over its franchise." Starring Halle Berry, Sharon Stone. Warner, $14.98, 9/8/2009.

AT THE DEVIL'S DOOR [BLU-RAY]: (2014) "At times, At the Devil’s Door shows promise, mostly due to some unconventional elements. Unfortunately, it lacks much purpose and relies too much on cliché “scare beats” to prompt viewer attention." Starring Ashley Rickards, Catalina Sandino Moreno. MPI, $29.98, 12/16/2014.

THE MAN WITH TWO BRAINS [WIDESCREEN]: (1983) "While not Steve Martin’s best work, The Man With Two Brains proves to be reasonably entertaining. It offers a silly piece with enough laughs to keep the viewer interested." Starring Steve Martin, Kathleen Turner. Warner Archives, $14.99, 12/16/14.

NO GOOD DEED [BLU-RAY]: (2014) "With just a little creativity and ingenuity, No Good Deed could’ve turned into a decent thriller. Unfortunately, the movie leaves no cliché untouched and it fails to ever threaten to become anything more than trite and tiresome." Starring Taraji P. Henson, Idris Elba. Sony, $35.99, 1/6/2015.

OCEAN'S TWELVE [BLU-RAY]: (2004) "When I initially watched Ocean’s Twelve back in 2005, I thought it provided a plodding, meandering dud. On second review, I still don’t think it’s nearly as good as the first movie, but it has its own charms. I admire the fact that it didn’t just copy its predecessor, and it delivers decent entertainment." Starring George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts. Warner, $14.98, 7/2/2012.

THE EQUALIZER: (2014) "A mixed bag, The Equalizer expands the TV series in an intriguing manner and comes with good performances and action. However, it plods a lot of the time due to the lack of interesting story, and its graphic violence can be a bit tough to take." Starring Denzel Washington, Chloe Grace Moretz. Sony, $35.99, 12/30/2014.

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