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This Week's Attractions

Escape from New York: Collector's Edition ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK: COLLECTOR'S EDITION (1981)
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Kurt Russell, Adrienne Barbeau. Shout! Factory, $29.93, 4/21/2015.
A thrilling landmark film that jolts along at a breakneck pace, Escape From New York leapt to cult status with high-octane action, edge-of-your-seat suspense and a mind-blowing vision of lone warrior Snake Plissken (Kurt Russell) battling his way out of a post-apocalyptic Manhattan.

Taken 3 [Blu-Ray] A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night [Blu-Ray] The Musketeers: Season 2 [Blu-Ray] Cake [Blu-Ray] 42nd Street [Blu-Ray] Everly [Blu-Ray]

Bulletin - Week of 4/12 - 4/18

MIAMI BLUES [BLU-RAY]: (1990) "An odd mix of styles and tones, Miami Blues occasionally entertains. However, it seems too disjointed to become anything consistently satisfying." Starring Alec Baldwin, Jennifer Jason Leigh. Shout! Factory, $24.97, 4/28/2015.

THE PRESTIGE [BLU-RAY]: (2006) "Despite plot twists that don’t come as surprises, The Prestige provides an entertaining tale of obsession and revenge. It mixes time periods and characters smoothly to keep us involved." Starring Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale. Buena Vista, $15.99, 2/20/2007.

THE COBBLER [BLU-RAY]: (2014) "Parts of The Cobbler entertain, largely due to a fun premise. However, it goes downhill as it progresses and loses our affection along the way." Starring Adam Sandler, Steve Buscemi. RLJ Entertainment, $34.97, 5/12/2015.

BATTLE OF BRITAIN [BLU-RAY]: (1969) "Something like Battle of Britain should have been right up my alley. Unfortunately, the film skimped on excitement and concentrated too much on spectacle and thinly drawn characters." Starring Michael Caine, Laurence Olivier. MGM, $19.99, 6/3/2008.

MR. TURNER [BLU-RAY]: (2014) "With slow, deliberate pacing and a lack of much overt drama, Mr. Turner will likely leave many cold. However, I think it offers a fairly involving character piece that approaches the material from an unusual but satisfying angle." Starring Timothy Spall, Dorothy Atkinson. Sony, $34.99, 5/5/2015.

STAR TREK: CAPTAIN KIRK'S BOLDEST MISSIONS: (1966-68) "As a sampler, Star Trek: Captain Kirk’s Boldest Missions offers a satisfying package. All eight of the episodes included deliver good entertainment and represent some of the Original Series’ stronger shows." Starring William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy. Paramount, $16.99, 3/17/2015.

INHERENT VICE [BLU-RAY]: (2014) "Disjointed and all over the place, Inherent Vice should’ve been a dud. However, the movie packs so much odd fun and strange character intrigue that it keeps us entertained and occupied across its 148 minutes." Starring Joaquin Phoenix, Josh Brolin. Warner, $35.99, 4/28/2015.

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