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Colin Jacobson

Featuring ~10,346 Full-Length Reviews

Beverly Hills Ninja [Blu-Ray] B/B/C+
Dead Wrong [Blu-Ray] C+/C+/C
Cat Ballou [Blu-Ray] B+/B/B
Venom [4K UHD] B+/A-/C+
Kung Fu Panda 4 [Blu-Ray] A-/B+/B-
Jaws 2 [4K UHD] B+/B-/B
Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire [4K UHD] A/A/B-
Inside Out [4K UHD] A/B+/B
Glory: 35th Anniversary Edition [4K UHD] B+/B+/B+
Jurassic World Dominion [4K UHD] A/A/C+
Mute Witness: Collector's Edition [4K UHD] C+/C/B
Nope [Blu-Ray] B+/B+/B
DogMan [Blu-Ray] B+/B/F
Cape Fear [Blu-Ray] (1962) B/B-/C
American Gigolo: Collector's Edition [4K UHD] B+/B/B
American Society of Magical Negroes, The [Blu-Ray] A-/B/B-
Mute Witness: Collector's Edition [Blu-Ray] C/C/B
Nun's Story, The [Blu-Ray] B+/B-/D-
Gravity (2024 Reissue) [Blu-Ray] A-/A/A-
Of Mice and Men [Blu-Ray] (1992) C+/C+/F
American Gigolo: Collector's Edition [Blu-Ray] B+/B/B
American Hustle [4K UHD] B+/B/C
Reaper Man, The B+/C+/F
Spiked [Blu-Ray] B+/B-/F
You're a Big Boy Now [Blu-Ray] B+/C+/D-
Why Be Good? [Blu-Ray] C+/C+/F
Imaginary [Blu-Ray] B+/B/B-
Bob Marley: One Love (Steelbook) [4K UHD] A/B+/C
Arthur the King [Blu-Ray] B+/B/B
American Hustle [Blu-Ray] B/B/C-
Doom Patrol: The Complete Fourth Season [Blu-Ray] B/B+/D
Friendly Persuasion [Blu-Ray] B/B-/D+
Bob Marley: One Love [4K UHD] A/B+/C
Coup de Chance [Blu-Ray] A-/B-/D-
Anatomy Of A Fall: Criterion Collection [Blu-Ray] B/B-/C+
Big Hero 6 [4K UHD] A/B+/C
Once Upon A Time In the West [4K UHD] B/B-/B
One from the Heart [4K UHD] B+/B/A-
Bob Marley: One Love [Blu-Ray] A-/B+/C
Crow, The (Steelbook) [4K UHD] (1994) A-/B/B+
12 Strong [4K UHD] B+/A-/C-
Ordinary Angels [Blu-Ray] B+/B-/D+
Devil's Doorway [Blu-Ray] B+/B-/D+
Frivolous Lola [4K UHD] B-/C+/B-
Wish [Blu-Ray] A-/B+/C
We Go On [Blu-Ray] B/B/B
Narc: Collector's Edition [4K UHD] B+/B+/A
Magic Mike [4K UHD] B+/B/D
American Sniper [4K UHD] A-/A-/B-
Justice League: Crisis On Infinite Earths - Part Two [Blu-Ray] A-/B+/C-
Dune: Part Two [4K UHD] A-/A/C