Reviewed by Colin Jacobson

Title: The Woody Allen Collection Set 3
Studio Line: MGM

The 6-disc boxed set contains Broadway Danny Rose, Hannah and Her Sisters, A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy, The Purple Rose of Cairo, Radio Days, Zelig.

Director: Woody Allen
Cast: Various
DVD: 6-disc boxed set; $99.96; street date 11/6/01; see reviews below for individual DVD specs.
Supplements: Theatrical Trailers.
Purchase: DVD

BROADWAY DANNY ROSE: "The movie had a few slow moments, but overall it seemed fun and charming, with a nice touch of depth. The DVD provided fairly strong picture plus acceptable sound with only minor extras."

HANNAH AND HER SISTERS: "Hannah and Her Sisters frequently feels like too much fake angst, and the characters lack the personality to involve me. The DVD offers bland and unremarkable picture and sound plus very few supplements."

A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S SEX COMEDY: "I found the movie to offer a surprisingly warm and witty affair.The DVD featured generally good though erratic picture with bland but acceptable sound and very few extras."

THE PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO: "A charming and witty experience that seems deep and delightful for the most part. The DVD provides good but unexceptional picture and sound but fails to include many supplements."

RADIO DAYS: "The movie was a consistently funny and entertaining look at times long gone. The DVD offers good but unspectacular picture and sound plus only minor extras."

ZELIG: "Zelig remains one of the most creative and inventive films Iíve seen. The DVD provides purposefully flawed picture and sound that seemed more than acceptable for this movie."

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