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61. The Simpsons: The Complete Twelfth Season (2000)
Reviewed by Colin Jacobson: Maybe The Simpsons will eventually provide a truly bad set of episodes, but Season 12 doesnít demonstrate anything that I would say really besmirches the seriesí legacy. That said, the shows do little to add to the Simpsons legend; we get a few above-average episodes, but the majority seem awfully ordinary. The DVDs provide erratic but acceptable visuals
URL: http://www.dvdmg.com/simpsonsseasontwelve.shtml - 40k - 07 Dec 2018
62. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers - Platinum Series Extended Edition (2002)
Reviewed by Colin Jacobson: Whether you spring for the ďCollectorís Gift SetĒ or just stick with the standard four-DVD version, you definitely need to pick up the Special Extended Edition of The Two Towers. It offers an amazing experience that remains gripping from start to finish. I didnít think it was possible, but with superior picture and sound plus even more supplements, thi
URL: http://www.dvdmg.com/twotowersextendedcont.shtml - 44k - 07 Dec 2018
63. The Simpsons: The Complete Fifth Season (1993)
Reviewed by Colin Jacobson: Arguably the seriesí best year ever, Season Five of The Simpsons doesnít include a single bad - or even mediocre - episode. The shows vary from good to excellent and never fail to entertain. Created by Matt Groening. Fox, $49.98, 12/21/2004.
URL: http://www.dvdmg.com/simpsonsseasonfive.shtml - 45k - 07 Dec 2018
64. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (Extended Edition) [Blu-Ray] (2002)
Reviewed by Colin Jacobson: The Two Towers doesnít feel as engrossing as its predecessor, but thatís almost inevitable given its spot as the middle chapter of a trilogy. Itís still an excellent movie that continues the tale well. The Blu-ray adds 44 minutes of mostly useful and entertaining material that serves to make the film even stronger than its Oscar-nominated theatrical cut.
URL: http://www.dvdmg.com/lotrtwotowersbree.shtml - 55k - 07 Dec 2018
65. The Godfather Trilogy: Bonus Material [4K UHD]
Reviewed by Colin Jacobson: With this 4K UHD package, we get Godfather trilogy in fine form. Two classic films and one mediocre flick combine with excellent bonus materials to turn this into an appealing set. Starring Al Pacino, Marlon Brando. Paramount, $89.99, 3/22/2022.
URL: http://www.dvdmg.com/godfatherbonus4k.shtml - 31k - 28 Jan 2002
66. Larry Crowne [Blu-Ray] (2011)
Reviewed by Colin Jacobson: Despite a plethora of talent, Larry Crowne ends up as a disappointment. Itís amiable but aimless as it putters along toward a lackluster conclusion. The Blu-ray comes with good audio, decent but erratic image and some minor supplements. Crowne provides a mediocre diversion. Starring Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts. Universal, $34.98, 11/15/2011.
URL: http://www.dvdmg.com/larrycrowne.shtml - 22k - 07 Dec 2018
67. Gattaca [Blu-Ray] (1997)
Reviewed by Colin Jacobson: As a film, Gattaca offers a moving and intriguing experience. It delves more into ideas than action, which makes it unusual in this day and age, and it works quite well. Starring Ethan Hawke, Uma Thurman. Sony, $17.97, 3/11/2008.
URL: http://www.dvdmg.com/gattacabr.shtml - 22k - 07 Dec 2018
68. Mr. Warmth: The Don Rickles Project (Collector's Edition) (2007)
Reviewed by Colin Jacobson: One of the few remaining links to the glory days of Las Vegas, Don Rickles is still going strong in his eighties. We get a fond and entertaining look at the comedian in Mr. Warmth, a somewhat inconsistent but usually enjoyable documentary ... This isnít a great DVD by technical standards, but itís a good program that earns my recommendation. Starring Don
URL: http://www.dvdmg.com/mrwarmth.shtml - 24k - 07 Dec 2018
69. Cheech & Chong's Up In Smoke: Special Collector's Edition (1978)
Reviewed by Colin Jacobson: I guess Up in Smoke counts as a kind of comedy classic, but if you remove it from its particular era and scene, I donít think it remains funny. Sure, the flick offers a smattering of decent laughs, but I donít find enough amusement on display to make it worthwhile. Starring Cheech Marin, Tommy Chong. Paramount, $14.98, 9/4/2007.
URL: http://www.dvdmg.com/upinsmoke.shtml - 24k - 07 Dec 2018
70. Black Christmas: Unrated (2006)
Reviewed by Colin Jacobson: A genuinely pedestrian horror flick, Black Christmas fails to scare or engage. It throws out a now-standard psycho slasher motif embellished with more backstory than normal, but it fails to develop either thread in a satisfying manner and becomes awfully disjointed. That renders any potential jolts impotent and makes this a tedious, predictable film. Sta
URL: http://www.dvdmg.com/blackchristmas.shtml - 24k - 07 Dec 2018

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