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131. Goldfinger [Blu-Ray] (1964)
Reviewed by Colin Jacobson: While not an amazing step up in quality over the 2006 Ultimate Edition DVD, the Blu-ray does provide visual improvements that make a difference. It’s not night and day, but this is such a great movie that it deserves to be seen at the highest quality, so I endorse a “replacement” purchase for fans who already have the UE. Starring Sean Connery, Gert Frob
URL: http://www.dvdmg.com/goldfingerbr.shtml - 27k - 07 Dec 2018
132. You Only Live Twice [Blu-Ray] (1967)
"Reviewed by Colin Jacobson: Because of my fondness for the Bond films of Sean Connery, I
URL: http://www.dvdmg.com/youonlylivetwicebr.shtml - 27k - 07 Dec 2018
133. Star Trek: Enterprise - Season Four [Blu-Ray] (2004)
"Reviewed by Colin Jacobson: I went into I
URL: http://www.dvdmg.com/stenterprises4br.shtml - 27k - 07 Dec 2018
134. Goldfinger: Ultimate Edition (1964)
Reviewed by Colin Jacobson: Should fans who already own the 1999 Goldfinger upgrade to this “Ultimate Edition”? Definitely. It offers a few new extras, but more importantly, it presents vastly improved picture and sound. This is a much superior set. Starring Sean Connery, Gert Frobe. MGM, $89.98, 11/7/2006.
URL: http://www.dvdmg.com/goldfingerue.shtml - 28k - 07 Dec 2018
135. Boardwalk Empire: The Complete Fourth Season [Blu-Ray] (2013)
"Reviewed by Colin Jacobson: Season Four of I
URL: http://www.dvdmg.com/boardwalkempires4.shtml - 28k - 07 Dec 2018
136. The Last Mimzy (2007)
Reviewed by Colin Jacobson: If you want to find a magical adventure for the kids, keep looking. The Last Mimzy won’t satisfy you. Instead, this lumbering, wooden tale tries hard to wow us but just bores us instead ... I like what New Line did with this fine DVD, but the movie itself is a dull disappointment. Starring Chris O'Neil, Rhiannon Leigh Wryn. New Line, $28.98, 7/10/2007.
URL: http://www.dvdmg.com/lastmimzy.shtml - 28k - 07 Dec 2018
137. Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures - Bonus Material [Blu-Ray] (2012)
Reviewed by Colin Jacobson: ... I find “The Complete Adventures” to be a solid set. All four movies look and sound great, and we get a slew of useful supplements. While I feel disappointed that the package loses so many pre-existing bonus materials, that shouldn’t be enough to dissuade any purchasers. This remains a fine representation of a delightful film series. Starring Harriso
URL: http://www.dvdmg.com/indianajonesbonusbr.shtml - 30k - 07 Dec 2018
138. Star Trek: The Original Series - Season Two (Rematered) (1967)
"Reviewed by Colin Jacobson: I can’t make much of a recommendation for fans who already shelled out the bucks for the prior Season Two package that put all the shows in one place. This new release does offer superior picture quality, but I’m not sure it warrants enough of an upgrade given this set’s nearly $85 list price. This one also includes some new extras, but it drops quality
URL: http://www.dvdmg.com/startrektoss2remastered.shtml - 30k - 07 Dec 2018
139. The Aviator [Blu-Ray] (2004)
Reviewed by Colin Jacobson: I find it hard to point out any true flaws in The Aviator, but outside of some performances, I can’t discover too many standout elements. After more than 30 years as a filmmaker, perhaps it’s surprising that Scorsese can still deliver at that high a level; he probably should have burned out by now. But I admit I expect more, so I see Aviator as a good m
URL: http://www.dvdmg.com/aviatorbr.shtml - 31k - 07 Dec 2018
140. Star Trek: Generations (Special Edition) (1994)
Reviewed by Colin Jacobson: Ultimately, I continue to find Star Trek: Generations to be a very entertaining, exciting and thought-provoking film. Clearly it's not everyone's cup of tea, and its treatment of its characters seems to be a major bone of contention with many fans. Despite that issue and some consistency problems, it works very well as a film and makes for a movie that I
URL: http://www.dvdmg.com/generationsce.shtml - 31k - 07 Dec 2018

Documents 131-140 of 395 displayed.

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