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51. The DaVinci Code: Special Edition (Fullscreen) (2006)
Reviewed by Colin Jacobson: The film version of The Da Vinci Code takes a hugely successful novel and neuters it for the big screen. Director Ron Howard consistently plays it safe here, a tactic that robs the story of any drama or passion. Starring Tom Hanks, Audrey Tautou. Sony, $29.98, 11/14/2006.
URL: http://www.dvdmg.com/davincicodefs.shtml - 32k - 27 Apr 2024
52. Toy Story & Toy Story 2: The Ultimate Toy Box (1999)
Reviewed by Colin Jacobson Title: Toy Story & Toy Story 2: The Ultimate Toy Box (1999) Studio Line: Disney Disc One: Toy Story A landmark in filmmaking with cutting-edge animation and the voice talents of Tom Hanks and Tim Allen, Toy Story...
URL: http://www.dvdmg.com/ultimatetoybox.shtml - 62k - 27 Apr 2024
53. Big (1988)
Reviewed by Colin Jacobson: Big remains a rare beast. On the surface, it should be nothing more than a dopey kid-oriented fantasy, but the end result actually proves more endearing and memorable for adults. Warm, winning and emotional, Big stands as a classic. Starring Tom Hanks, Elizabeth Perkins. Fox, $14.98, 10/5/1999.
URL: http://www.dvdmg.com/big.shtml - 20k - 27 Apr 2024
54. The Green Mile (1999)
Reviewed by Colin Jacobson: The Green Mile offers an entertaining little fable that takes too long to get to its conclusion and follows too many dead ends along the way, but I still felt that it worked well as a whole, largely due to the presence of a fine cast. Starring Tom Hanks, Michael Clarke Duncan. Warner, $24.98, 6/13/2000.
URL: http://www.dvdmg.com/greenmile.shtml - 21k - 27 Apr 2024
55. Angels & Demons (2016 Reissue) [Blu-Ray] (2009)
Reviewed by Colin Jacobson: Perhaps I enjoyed Angels & DemonS due to the exceedingly low expectations I felt after the dull Da Vinci Code, but I donít think so. Iíve now seen it a few times, and I think it offers a fairly lively, taut little adventure. Starring Tom Hanks, Ewan McGregor. Sony, $14.99, 10/11/2016.
URL: http://www.dvdmg.com/angels&demonsbr2016.shtml - 26k - 27 Apr 2024
56. Road to Perdition (2002)
Reviewed by Colin Jacobson: A stirring and compelling effort, Perdition definitely merits my recommendation.
URL: http://www.dvdmg.com/roadtoperdition.shtml - 27k - 27 Apr 2024
57. Inferno [Blu-Ray] (2016)
Reviewed by Colin Jacobson: As the newest entry in the Robert Langdon series, Inferno provides decent entertainment. While the movie sputters at times, it usually delivers a fair amount of excitement Ė even if logic occasionally suffers. Starring Tom Hanks, Felicity Jones. Sony, $34.99, 1/24/2017.
URL: http://www.dvdmg.com/inferno.shtml - 22k - 27 Apr 2024
58. Apollo 13: Collector's Edition (1995)
Reviewed by Colin Jacobson: If you've gotten this far, my recommendation should be fairly clear. Apollo 13 remains an excellent film that provides suspense, drama and emotion all with dignity and flair. The DVD provides passable picture with terrific sound plus some simply fantastic supplements. Apollo 13 offers a memorable movie and a generally strong DVD. Starring Tom Hanks, Bill
URL: http://www.dvdmg.com/apollo13.shtml - 24k - 27 Apr 2024
59. A League Of Their Own (1992)
Reviewed by Colin Jacobson: How can you resist a movie in which a ballplayer signs his autograph, "Avoid the clap - Jimmy Dugan"? I canít. A League of Their Own presents a terrific film that works for a wide variety of audiences. Starring Tom Hanks, Geena Davis. Columbia TriStar, $14.95, 9/9/1997.
URL: http://www.dvdmg.com/leagueoftheirown.shtml - 24k - 27 Apr 2024
60. Toy Story 2 [Blu-Ray] (1999)
Reviewed by Colin Jacobson: A rare sequel that probably improves on its predecessor, Toy Story 2 is a winner in every way. The movie offers great humor, a fun tale, and real emotion to make it a lively and engaging piece. The Blu-ray presents absolutely excellent picture and audio with a long and informative set of extras. I love Toy Story 2 and heartily recommend this terrific Blu
URL: http://www.dvdmg.com/toystory2br.shtml - 40k - 27 Apr 2024

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