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1. When a Stranger Calls (1979)
Reviewed by Colin Jacobson Title: When a Stranger Calls (1979) Studio Line: Columbia TriStar A terrified young baby-sitter… an incessantly ringing phone… and whispered threats set the stage for one of the most suspenseful chillers ever filmed....
URL: http://www.dvdmg.com/whenastrangercalls.shtml - 19k - 29 Oct 2023
2. Scrooged [Blu-Ray] (1988)
Reviewed by Colin Jacobson: Back in 1988, I expected Scrooged to offer a lively reworking of A Christmas Carol. It seemed disappointing to me back then and hasn?t improved with age; while it delivers mild entertainment, it doesn?t offer enough amusement and creativity to succeed. The Blu-ray comes with pretty good picture and audio but lacks supplements. Maybe someday I?ll change m
URL: http://www.dvdmg.com/scroogedbr.shtml - 21k - 29 Oct 2023
3. Poltergeist II [Blu-Ray] (1986)
Reviewed by Colin Jacobson: The movie world is littered with sequels that fail to match up to their predecessors, and Poltergeist II: The Other Side falls into that category. As a film, it’s not a total disaster, but it lacks much reason to exist and never turns into a satisfying horror flick. The Blu-ray lacks supplements but delivers surprisingly strong picture and audio. Though
URL: http://www.dvdmg.com/poltergeist2br.shtml - 19k - 29 Oct 2023
4. The Princess Bride: Special Edition (1987)
Reviewed by Colin Jacobson Title: The Princess Bride: Special Edition (1987) Studio Line: MGM - Scaling the cliffs of insanity, Battling rodents of unusual size, Facing torture in the pit of despair. A fantastical escape into a world of...
URL: http://www.dvdmg.com/princessbridese.shtml - 25k - 29 Oct 2023
5. The Princess Bride: 2006 Special Edition (1987)
Reviewed by Colin Jacobson: If you don’t own either prior Bride DVD or if you only have the non-anamorphic “movie-only” set from 2000, definitely snag this 2006 release. If you already possess the 2001 SE, though, my recommendation for an upgrade is less conclusive. Yeah, this one’s a little stronger in terms of picture and extras, but I don’t think there’s enough of a change to wa
URL: http://www.dvdmg.com/princessbridese2006.shtml - 31k - 29 Oct 2023
6. The Addams Family & Addams Family Values
The Addams Family Addams Family Values Reviewed by Colin Jacobson DVD The Addams Family: Paramount, widescreen 1.85:1/16x9, languages: English DD 5.1 [CC] & Dolby Surround, subtitles: English, single side-single layer, 18 chapters, 2 theatrical...
URL: http://www.dvdmg.com/addamsfamilyandvalues.shtml - 18k - 29 Oct 2023
7. Ishtar [Blu-Ray] (1987)
Reviewed by Colin Jacobson: While Ishtar doesn’t deserve its reputation as one of the all-time movie stinkers, it also doesn’t merit reappraisal as a comedy classic. A slight, mediocre experience, it would’ve been forgotten decades ago were it not for the talent and budget involved. The Blu-ray comes with good picture, average audio and no bonus features. Ishtar might be worth a lo
URL: http://www.dvdmg.com/ishtar.shtml - 23k - 29 Oct 2023
8. License To Drive: Special Edition (1988)
Reviewed by Colin Jacobson: A dated teen adventure, License to Drive will appeal solely to those with nostalgia for the glory days of the Coreys. While not a poor film, it’s a lackluster comedic romp without the needed wit or cleverness to succeed. Starring Corey Haim, Corey Feldman. Anchor Bay, $14.98, 5/3/2005.
URL: http://www.dvdmg.com/licensetodrive.shtml - 25k - 29 Oct 2023
9. The Pacifier (2005)
Reviewed by Colin Jacobson: Comedy for the easy to amuse, the financial success of The Pacifier makes my teeth hurt. Outside of a game performance from Vin Diesel, there’s almost nothing to like about this idiotic, simplistic attempt at cheap humor. Starring Vin Diesel, Lauren Graham. Disney, $29.99, 6/28/2005.
URL: http://www.dvdmg.com/pacifier.shtml - 25k - 29 Oct 2023
10. The Last Detail
The Last Detail Reviewed by Colin Jacobson DVD Columbia-TriStar, widescreen 1.85:1/16x9, fullscreen, languages: English Digital Mono [CC], subtitles: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, double side-single layer, 28 chapters,...
URL: http://www.dvdmg.com/lastdetail.shtml - 10k - 29 Oct 2023

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