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Week of March 1 - June 1

Colin Farrell, Christian Bale. Warner, wide 2.35:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $27.95, 5/9/2006. view cover
Supplements: • Making The New World Documentary (60 minutes)
Synopsis: In this romantic epic starring Colin Farrell, Christian Bale and beautiful newcomer Q'orianka Kilcher, acclaimed filmmaker Terrence Malick brings to life the classic true tale of Pocahontas and her relationship with adventurer John Smith set during the turbulent beginnings of America.

Willem Dafoe. Fox, wide 2.35:1/16x9, DD 5.1 EX, $26.98, 5/23/2006. view cover
Supplements: • Original Unrated Version of Boondock Saints • Audio Commentaries from writer/director Troy Duffy and actor Billy Connolly • Deleted Scenes and Outtakes • Printable Script
Synopsis: Hot on the trail of the assailants behind the brutal murder of Russian thugs, FBI agent Paul Smecker (Willem Dafoe) is surprised to discover the killers are Irish twin brothers (Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus) who believe they've been chosen to rid the world of evil. But as they unleash more brutality on the criminals of Boston's underworld, Smecker finds himself torn between busting the vigilantes ... and joining them!

Jon Heder. Fox, wide 1.85:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $28.98, 5/16/2006. view cover
Supplements: • Commentary by Director/Co-Writer Jared Hess, Actor Jon Heder and Producer Jeremy Coon • Deleted Scenes with commentary by Director/Co-Writer Jared Hess, Actor Jon Heder and Producer Jeremy Coon • Still Gallery • "Peluca": Short Film w/optional commentary by Director/Writer Jared Hess, Actor Jon Heder and Producer Jeremy Coon • Featurette: "The Wedding of the Century!" • MTV On-Air Promos and Outtakes Featurette • Raw Interstitial Tapes from Shoot/Outtakes • "The Real Napoleon Dynamite" - New Documentary • Behind-The-Scenes • Napoleon Sightings: Various Napoleon Dynamite Clips (ESPN Clip - 2005 Scripps National Spelling Bee, Clips from TRL, Clips from MTV Movie Awards, Opening of SNL with Jon Heder, Cartoon Network - Napoleon Bonomite, 2004 Teen Choice Awards - Napoleon & Nicole Richie Play Tetherball, 2005 Teen Choice Awards - Hissy Fit Award) • New Outtakes and Deleted Scenes • "Sweet Jumps" - Napoleon on the Bike • "Lord of the Dance" - Freestyle Dance of Napoleon filmed during "Peluca" • "Chugger" - Alternate Scenes of Chugging the Sports Drink • Trailers
Synopsis: Napoleon Dynamite is a new kind of hero, complete with a tight red 'fro, sweet moon boots, and skills that can’t be topped. Napoleon spends his days drawing mythical beasts, duking it out with his brother, Kip, and avoiding his scheming Uncle Rico. When two new friends enter Napoleon's life - shy Deb and mustachioed Pedro - the trio launches a campaign to elect Pedro for class president and make the student body’s wildest dreams come true. But if Pedro is to beat stuck-up Summer, Napoleon will have to unleash his secret weapon ...

Sarah Jessica Parker, Diane Keaton. Fox, wide 2.35x1/16x9, DD 5.1, $29.98, 5/2/2006. view cover
Supplements: • Commentary by Sarah Jessica Parker and Dermot Mulroney • Commentary by Director Thomas Bezucha, Producer Michael London, Editor Jeffrey Ford and Production Designer Jane Ann Stewart • 6 Deleted Scenes w/ optional commentary by Director Thomas Bezucha and Editor Jeffrey Ford • Fox Movie Channel presents "Casting Session" • Fox Movie Channel presents "World Premiere" • Behind-The-Scenes Featurette • Q&A with the Cast at the Screen Actor's Guild Theatre • Gag Reel • Easter Eggs • Trailers • Inside Look: Ice Age 2
Synopsis: Sarah Jessica Parker, Diane Keaton, and Rachel McAdams lead an all-star cast in The Family Stone. Join the eccentric Stone family for a holiday gathering filled with unexpected surprises. Before the festivities are over, love affairs will unravel, new ones will form, outrageous secrets will be revealed and the family will come together like never before.

Jim Carrey, Tea Leon. Sony Pictures, wide 2.35:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $28.95, 4/11/2006. view cover
Supplements: • Filmmakers Audio Commentary • 6 Deleted Scenes • Blooper Reel • Press Junket Highlights • Previews
Synopsis: When Dick Harper (Jim Carrey) is terminated as Globodyne Corporation's VP of Communications, he assures his wife, Jane (Téa Leoni), he'll find another job in no time. Months later, their lawn is repossessed, Jane has sold her body to science, and Dick's career as a day laborer ends with his deportation to Mexico. Madder than ever and not going to take it anymore, Dick and Jane turn to the fastest-growing sector in the white-collar job market - armed robbery - as they become upscale suburban Robin Hoods, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor - namely themselves.

Jay Hernandez, Derek Richardson. Sony Pictures, wide 2.35:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $28.95, 4/18/2006. view cover
Supplements: • 4 Commentaries including Director Eli Roth and Executive Producer Quentin Tarentino • “Hostel Dissected” Behind-the-Scenes Featurette • “Kill the Car” Multi-Angle Interactive Feature
Synopsis: Presented by genre master Quentin Tarantino and directed by Eli Roth (Cabin Fever), Hostel is a shocking and relentless film in the tradition of Saw about two American backpackers (Jay Hernandez and Derek Richardson) in Europe who find themselves lured in as victims of a murder-for-profit business.

Jeff Daniels, Laura Linney. Sony Pictures, wide 1.85:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $26.96, 3/21/2006. view cover
Supplements: • Extras and Supplements TBA
Synopsis: The patriarch (Jeff Daniels) of an eccentric Brooklyn family claims to once have been a great novelist, but he has settled into a teaching job. When his wife (Laura Linney) discovers a writing talent of her own, jealousy divides the family, leaving two teenage sons to forge new relationships with their parents. Linney's character begins dating her younger son's tennis coach. Meanwhile, Daniels' character has an affair with the student his older son is pursuing.

Week of January 2 - March 1

Georgie Henley, Skandar Keynes. Disney, wide 2.35:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $TBA, 4/2006. view cover
Supplements: • Extras and Supplements TBA
Synopsis: Through a magical portal, the Pevensie kids — Lucy, Edmund, Susan and Peter — escape from World War II England to Narnia, which is inhabited by all sorts of talking beasts, including the lion Aslan (Neeson). The children learn that the mystical land is ruled by the evil White Witch (Swinton), who holds her rule through a seemingly unbreakable spell.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Universal, wide 2.35x1/16x9, DD 5.1, $29.98, 3/9/2006. view cover
Supplements: • Featurette: "Basic Training" • Featurette: "Rock Formation" • Featurette: "Master Monster Makers" • Featurette: "First Person Shooter Sequence" • Featurette: "Doom Nation" • Featurette: "Game On!" • Doom 3 XBox Demo
Synopsis: At a remote research facility on Mars, a team of scientists cracks the genetic code. But when communication fails, the place gets a Level 5 quarantine, and the only people allowed in to investigate are the Marines of the Rapid Response Tactical Squad, including their commander, Sarge (Johnson). They discover that the researchers inadvertently opened up a portal to hell and unleashed a slew of demons.

Viggo Mortensen. New Line, wide 1.85:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $28.98, 3/14/2006.
view cover
Supplements: • Audio Commentary w/ Director David Cronenberg • Deleted Scene w/ Director Commentary • Documentary: "Acts of Violence" • Easter Eggs • Featurette: "The Unmaking of Scene 44" • Featurette: "Violence's History: U.S. vs. International Versions" • Featurette: "Too Commercial for Cannes"
Synopsis: Tom (Mortensen) works at a diner in a small town with his wife, Edie (Bello). Their peaceful lives are interrupted when Tom thwarts an attempted robbery and becomes a local hero. After seeing him on TV, a couple of mobsters (Ed Harris, William Hurt) show up on the scene, pegging Tom as a guy who's wronged them in the past.

Nicolas Cage. Paramount, wide 1.85:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $29.95, 2/21/2006.
view cover
Supplements: • "Relative Humidity": The Characters • "Trade Winds": The Collaboration • "Atmospheric Pressure": The Style and Palette • "Extended Outlook": The Script • Theatrical Trailer
Synopsis: Dave Spritz (Nic Cage), a TV weatherman in Chicago, gets his big chance: a spot on a popular morning show in New York City. While his career takes off, he finds that his relationship with his ex-wife (Hope Davis) and his kids founders. Before long, he's in the middle of a painful divorce. He then turns to his father (Michael Caine), a successful novelist, for advice on how to get his life in order.

Charlize Theron. Warner, wide 2.40:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $28.98, 2/21/2006. view cover
Supplements: • Deleted Scenes • Documentaries
Synopsis: After her marriage hits the skids, Josey Aimes (Theron) returns to her North Minnesota hometown and takes a job at a local mine with her friend Glory (McDormand). Unfortunately, she's subject to nonstop sexual harassment from her male co-workers. Despite the risk of losing her job, Josey decides to put a stop to it by filing a lawsuit.

Orlando Bloom, Kirsten Dunst. Paramount, wide 1.85:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $29.95, 2/7/2006. view cover
Supplements: • Extras and Supplements TBA
Synopsis: After costing his company millions of dollars, Drew Baylor (Bloom) travels back to his Kentucky hometown for his father's funeral. Along the way, he meets Claire (Dunst), a flight attendant who becomes very assertive in her quest to hook up with Drew. Meanwhile, he's gotta deal with his painfully quirky family of yokels.

SAW II (2005)
Donnie Wahlberg. Lion's Gate, wide 1.85:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $28.98, 2/14/2006.
view cover
Supplements: • Extras and Supplements TBA
Synopsis: Serial killer Jigsaw is back, only this time instead of locking up two people in a room, he's got eight victims. They're all complete strangers and must play a disturbing game to determine who, if anyone, survives.

THE FOG (2005)
Tom Welling. Columbia TriStar, wide 2.35:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $28.95, 1/24/2006.
view cover
Supplements: • Unrated Version of Film • Seven Deleted Scenes w/ oOptional Director's Commentary • Three Featurettes ("Feeling the Effects of the Fog," "Seeing Through the Fog" & "Whiteout Conditions: The Remake of a Horror Classic") • Trailers
Synopsis: A century in the past, off the coast of Northern California, a horrible shipwreck that might have involved foul play killed a crew of sailors. Now, their ghosts are back for revenge, traveling in the form of an eerie fog. That's bad news for the residents of a small town (Welling, Blair).

Al Pacino, Matthew McConaughey. Universal, wide 2.35:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $29.98, 1/17/2006. view cover
Supplements: • Commentary w/ DJ Caruso and Dan Gilroy • The Making of Two for the Money • Insider Interview: The Real Brandon • Deleted Scenes w/ Optional Commentary • Theatrical Trailer and TV Spots • Universal Trailers
Synopsis: A star college football player (McConaughey) blows out his knee, forcing him to consider other career options. He's hired by a man (Pacino) who runs a big-time sports-gambling business, and soon he's on the way to the top.

Week of October 24 - January 2

Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn. Warner, wide 2.40:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $28.98, 1/3/2006. view cover
Supplements: • Audio Commentary with director David Dobkin • Audio Commentary with Owen Wilson & Vince Vaughn • Three Deleted Scenes • Featurette: "Event Planning • Featurette: "A Crash Course in Wedding Crashing" • Music Video: The Sights "Circus" & an Interactive Soundtrack Promo • Wedding Crashers Game
Synopsis: Using a secret set of rules developed over many years of bachelorhood, two partying dudes (Wilson, Vaughn) crash weddings to meet girls. When they hear about a huge wedding to be held at the estate of the U.S. secretary of the treasury (Walken), the boys are truly stoked. But things get complicated when one of them does the unthinkable and falls for a bridesmaid (McAdams).

Steve Carell. Universal, wide 1.85:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $29.98, 12/13/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Gag Reel • "You Know How I Know You're Gay" Featurette • 1970's Sex Education Video • "Waxing Doc" Featurette • "Line-O-Rama" Featurette • Unrated: Additional Deleted Footage • Unrated: "My Date With Stormy" Featurette
Synopsis: Andy Stitzer (Steve Carell) has gone 40 years without “doing it.” Now his pals are making it their mission to help him score ... fast! Can he survive their hilariously bad advice? Will he land in the arms of the way-too-experienced or the way-too-drunk? Or can he find true love where he least expects - from a gorgeous grandmother (Catherine Keener)? With additional footage too bold for theaters, The 40-Year-Old Virgin now packs even more outrageous comedy!

Morgan Freeman. Warner, wide 1.85x1/16x9, DD 5.1, $28.98, 11/29/2005.
view cover
Supplements: • Documentary: "Crittercam: Emperor Penguins" - Penguin Diving and Feeding • Documentary: "Of Men and Penguins" - The Incredible Filmmaking Process of the Movie • "8-Ball Bunny" - A classic WB Animated Short with Bugs Bunny and a Penguin
Synopsis: In the Antarctic, every March since the beginning of time, the quest begins to find the perfect mate and start a family. This courtship will begin with a long journey - a journey that will take them hundreds of miles across the continent by foot, in freezing cold temperatures, in brittle, icy winds and through deep, treacherous waters. They will risk starvation and attack by dangerous predators, under the harshest conditions on earth, all to find true love.

Ewan McGregor. Universal, wide 1.85:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $29.99, 12/13/2005.
view cover
Supplements: • Audio Commentary with director Michael Bay • Behind-The-Scenes Featurette on Action Sequences and Stunts
Synopsis: Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson lead an all-star cast as residents of an isolated, high-tech compound. But when they discover they're actually clones, and worth more dead than alive, they stage a daring escape. Battling an unfamiliar environment and an armed team of mercenaries in hot pursuit, they'll risk their lives and freedom to save those they left behind - and reveal the truth about The Island.

Michael Chiklis. Fox, full 1.33:1 & wide 1.78:1/16x9, DD 2.0, $59.98, 12/27/2005.
view cover
Supplements: • 80-Minute Documentary on Season 4 • Audio Commentaries With Cast And Crew • Deleted Scenes
Synopsis: Heart-pounding. Intense. Gripping. Keeping the streets safe has never been more brutal. Season 4 introduced Glenn Close in a leading role and was the highest rated season yet. Live the suspense with The Shield Season Four on DVD!

Jessica Biel, Jamie Foxx. Columbia TriStar, wide 1.85:1/16x9, DD & DTS 5.1, $28.95, 11/15/2005. view cover
Supplements: • "Harnessing Speed" Documentary • The Music of Stealth Featurette • Incubus "Make a Move" Music Video • MX Multi Channel - "Escape from Alaska: Explosion" - Multi-Angle Feature • MX Multi Channel - "Welcome to Alaska: Scene Comparison" • Scene Deconstruction - "Kara's Fall" • Scene Deconstruction - "The Big Suck" • Previews
Synopsis: Three elite pilots (Lucas, Foxx, Biel) take to the skies to defeat their toughest adversary yet: an artificially intelligent drone fighter that's gone totally nuts after being hit by lightning. The robo-jet's turned against its inventors, and if it's not brought down ASAP, it'll start a nuclear war.

Kate Hudson. Universal, wide 2.35:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $29.98, 11/15/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Deleted Scenes with Commentary by Director Iain Softley • Behind the Locked Door - Making The Skeleton Key • Exploring Voodoo/Hoodoo • Recipe & Ritual: Making the Perfect Gumbo • Blues in the Bayou • Kate Hudson's Ghost Story • Plantation Life • Casting The Skeleton Key • John Hurt's Story • A House Called Felicity • Gena's Love Spell • Audio Commentary with Director Iain Softley
Synopsis: Caroline (Hudson) takes a job as a live-in nurse caring for the sick husband (Hurt) of an elderly woman (Rowlands) at their run-down mansion outside of New Orleans. She begins to explore the house using a skeleton key that unlocks every door and uncovers a terrible secret in the attic.

Billy Bob Thorton. Paramount, wide 1.85:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $29.99, 12/13/2005.
view cover
Supplements: • Six Deleted Scenes and Three Outtakes • Four Behind the Scenes and Making Of Featurettes • Commentary by Director Richard Linklater and Writers Glenn Ficarra and John Requa • Video Baseball Cards and Theatrical Trailer
Synopsis: After a lawsuit forces Little League teams to accept all players regardless of ability, a surly, half-drunk baseball coach (Thornton) turns the Bears, a team of misfits with a huge losing streak, into unlikely title contenders.

Week of August 31 - October 24

Christian Bale, Katie Holmes. Warner, wide 2.35:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $30.97, 10/18/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Seven Featurettes ("Journey Begins: Creative Concepts, Story Development and Casting," "Shaping Mind and Body: Fighting Style," "Gotham City Rises: Production Design," "Cape and Cowl: The New Batsuit," "The New Batmobile," "Path to Discovery: Filming in Iceland" & "Monorail Chase Sequence") • "Genesis of the Bat: Batman Incarnations from the Mid-1980s to the Present" Documentary • Confidential Files Character/Weapons Gallery • Collectible 72-Page Comic Book from DC Comics™ • Detective Comics #27 - The very first Batman Story • "The Man Who Falls" and "Batman: The Long Halloween" - Two Stories that Influenced the Film
Synopsis: Batman Begins explores the origins of the Batman legend and the Dark Knight's emergence as a force for good in Gotham. In the wake of his parents' murder, disillusioned industrial heir Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) travels the world seeking the means to fight injustice and turn fear against those who prey on the fearful. He returns to Gotham and unveils his alter-ego: Batman, a masked crusader who uses his strength, intellect and an array of high tech deceptions to fight the sinister forces that threaten the city.

Ewan McGregor, Natalie Portman. Fox, wide 2.35:1/16x9, DD 5.1 EX, $29.98, 11/1/2005. view cover
Supplements: • 2-Disc Set w/ over six hours of Bonus Materials • New Full-Length Documentary produced by Lucasfilm Ltd. • Two Featurettes • 15-Part Collection of Lucasfilm's "Web Documentaries"
Synopsis: The Star Wars saga is now complete on DVD with Episode III - Revenge of the Sith. Torn between loyalty to his mentor, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and the seductive powers of the Sith, Anakin Skywalker ultimately turns his back on the Jedi, thus completing his journey to the dark side and his transformation into Darth Vader. Experience the breathtaking scope of the final chapter in spectacular clarity and relive all the epic battles including the final climactic lightsaber duel between Anakin and Obi-Wan.

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie. Fox, wide 2.35x1/16x9, DD 5.1, $29.98, 11/29/2005.
view cover
Supplements: • Full Screen Feature / Widescreen Feature • Commentary by Director Doug Liman and Screenwriter Simon Kinberg • Commentary by Crew • Commentary by Producer Lucas Foster and Producer Akiva Goldsman • Trailers • Inside Look: The Sentinel • 3 Deleted Scenes • Making a Scene • Teaser & Theatrical Trailer • Family Guy Trailer
Synopsis: John (Pitt) and Jane (Jolie) Smith lead boring suburban lives, and their marriage has grown routine. But John has a secret, and so does Jane: They're two of the world's most sought-after assassins. The truth comes out only when they're hired to kill each other by competing organizations.

Orlando Bloom. Fox, wide 2.35:1/16x9, DD & DTS 5.1, $29.98, 10/11/2005.
view cover
Supplements: • Trailer • Full Screen Feature / Widescreen Feature • Inside Look: Tristan & Isolde • The Pilgrim's Guide Text Commentary • Interactive Production Grid • A&E Movie Real: Kingdom of Heaven • The History Channel's History vs Hollywood: Kingdom of Heaven • Behind-the-Scenes Featurettes: Ridley Scott Creating Worlds, Production Featurette, Wardrobe Featurette • Orlando Bloom "The Adventure of a Lifetime" • Trailers
Synopsis: From Ridley Scott, the visionary director of Black Hawk Down and Gladiator, comes this spectacular epic of courage, honor and adventure. Orlando Bloom stars as Balian, a young Frenchman in Medieval Jerusalem during the Crusades, who, having lost everything, finds redemption in a heroic fight against overwhelming forces to save his people and fulfill his destiny as a knight.

Jennifer Garner. Buena Vista, wide 1.85:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $59.99, 10/25/2005.
view cover
Supplements: • Includes The Original "Nocturne" Episode Featuring The Unaired Russian Roulette Scene • Agent Weiss’ Spy Camera • Audio Commentaries With Cast And Crew • A Chat With Jennifer Garner • Meet Mia: Syd's Little Sister • Marshall's World • The Guest Stars Of Season 4 • Alias Blooper Reel • Director's Diary • Anatomy Of A Scene • Deleted Scenes
Synopsis: The action explodes in Alias' phenomenal fourth season. When Sydney leaves the CIA to join a powerful new Black Ops unit, she has no idea of the reunion in store for her. Family secrets are revealed and old adversaries come together for a year of betrayal, suspense, and breathtaking surprises. It's nonstop excitement - from the spectacular two-hour first episode to the stunning impact of the season's final seconds. Experience all 22 heart-stopping episodes of season four in a sensational six-disc set.

Ron Livingston, Jennifer Aniston. Fox, wide 1.85:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $19.98, 11/1/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Fullscreen Feature / Widescreen Feature • Out of the Office: An Office Space Retrospective with Mike Judge • Deleted Scenes: "Peter Lies to Lumbergh", "Happy Hour and Chotchkies", "Peter Goes off on Nina", & "Tom's Mixed Heritage Called into Question" • Thearical Trailer • DVD-ROM • Visual downloads
Synopsis: Unable to endure another mind-numbing day at Initech Corporation, cubicle slave Peter Gibbons (Ron Livingston) gets fired up and decides to get fired. Armed with a leisurely new attitude and a sexy new girlfriend (Jennifer Aniston), he soon masters the art of neglecting his work, which quickly propels him into the ranks of upper management! Now the stage is set for Peter to carry out a high-tech embezzling scheme that's sure to mean the end of his job and a one-way ticket to easy street. Can he pull it off before all corporate hell breaks loose?

Jeff Bridges. Universal, wide 1.85:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $19.98, 10/18/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Introduction by Mortimer Young • Jeff Bridges' Photography • Making of The Big Lebowski • Production Notes
Synopsis: The Coen brothers’ irreverent cult hit comes to DVD as a Collector's Edition, with all-new bonus material. The hilariously twisted comedy-thriller stars Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi and Julianne Moore. Join the “Dude” and his bowling buddies on their journey that blends unforgettable characters, kidnapping, a case of mistaken identity and White Russians. Enter the visually unique and entertaining world from the creative minds of the Coen brothers and remember: the Dude abides.

Sean Penn, Nicole Kidman. Universal, wide 2.35:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $29.98, 10/4/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Alternate Ending • Deleted Scenes • Sydney Pollack at Work: From Concept to Cutting Room • Interpreting Pan & Scan vs. Widescreen • Feature Commentary with Director Sydney Pollack • The Ultimate Movie Set: The United Nations • A Day in the Life of Real Interpreters
Synopsis: A United Nations interpreter named Silvia Broome (Nicole Kidman) overhears a death threat against an African head of state who is set to address the General Assembly. Federal agent Tobin Keller (Sean Penn) is assigned to protect her, but he's not entirely sure she's telling the truth.

Week of June 12 - August 31

Russell Crowe. DreamWorks, wide 2.35:1/16x9, DD & DTS 5.1, $39.99, 8/23/2005.
view cover
Supplements: • Introduction to Extended Cut by Director Ridley Scott • "Are You Not Entertained?" Trivia Track • All-New Audio Commentary w/ Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe • Deleted Footage Marker • "Strength and Honor: Creating the World of Gladiator Documentary" (200 Minutes including 'Tale of the Scribes', 'The Tools of War', 'Attire of the Realm', 'The Heat of Battle', 'Resurrecting Proximo', 'The Glory of Rome', 'Echoes in Eternity') • Production Design Featurette and Gallery • Storyboard Demonstrations, Comparisons and Gallery • Abandoned Sequences • Ridleygrams: Ridley Scott's Own Sketches • Costume Design Gallery • Photo Galleries • Deleted Scenes including Alternate Opening Titles • Letters From the Front: Authentic memos on the challenges of production • Commodus Screen Test (Joaquin Phoenix) • Visual Effects Explorations (Germania & Rome) • An Evening with Russell Crowe • And Much More!
Synopsis: In the final days of Marcus Aurelius' reign, the aging emperor arouses his son Commodus' anger when he makes known his wish that Maximus be his successor. Power-hungry Commodus kills his father and orders the death of Maximus. But the latter flees and hides his identity by becoming slave and a gladiator. Eventually, Maximus journeys back to Rome to confront his arch-rival.

Stephen Chow. Columbia TriStar, wide 2.35:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $28.95, 8/9/2005.
view cover
Supplements: • Two Deleted Scenes • Blooper Reel • Audio Commentary w/ Cast and Crew • "TV Special - Behind the Scenes of Kung Fu Hustle" Featurette • Ric Meyers Interview w/ Stephen Chow • International Poster Exploration Gallery • Previews
Synopsis: Kung Fu Hustle perfectly blends original comedy and explosive martial arts action. Creative and imaginative characters slam together in a comic blend of Quentin Tarantino meets Jackie Chan in a film that goes beyond the limits of mere comedy.

SIN CITY (2005)
Bruce Willis. Dimension, wide 1.85:1/16x9, DD & DTS 5.1, $29.99, 8/16/2005.
view cover
Supplements: • None
Synopsis: Welcome to Sin City. This town beckons to the tough, the corrupt, the brokenhearted. Some call it dark. Hard-boiled. Then there are those who call it home. Crooked cops. Sexy dames. Desperate vigilantes. Some are seeking revenge. Others lust after redemption. And then there are those hoping for a little of both. A universe of unlikely and reluctant heroes still trying to do the right thing in a city that refuses to care.

Colin Farrell. Warner, wide 2.40x1/16x9, DD 5.1, $29.95, 8/2/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Audio Commentary w/ Oliver Stone • Documentary: "Resurrecting Alexander" (explores the filming of Alexander) • Documentary: "Perfect is the Enemy of God" (in-depth look at the details that go into the filming of an epic) • Documentary: "The Death of Alexander" (interviews w/ the cast on how they prepared for their roles) • Featurette: "Vangelis Scores Alexander
Synopsis: Academy award winning director Oliver Stone presents a breathtaking new cut of his sweeping epic film, Alexander, the true story of the world's greatest warrior. Using new footage and dramatically reshaping dozens of scenes, he brings to life the overpowering forces and fierce personalities that forever changed history.

Peter Krause. HBO, wide 1.85:1/16x9, DD 2.0, $99.98, 8/23/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Seven Audio Commentaries w/ Alan Ball, writers and directors on episodes 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 11, 12 • Episodic Previews and Recaps and a Seasons One-Three Recap • Featurette: "Cut By Cut: Editing Six Feet Under"
Synopsis: There's a new pecking order at the Fisher & Diaz funeral home, but Nate, Ruth, David and Claire still try to make every day above ground a good one. Death and dysfunction are par for the course in The Complete Fourth Season of Six Feet Under.

Keanu Reeves. Warner, wide 2.40:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $28.98, 7/19/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Eighteen Minutes of Deleted Scenes • Alternate Endings • Audio Commentary • Documentaries (Director's Confessional, Collision with Evil, Holy Relics) • "Imagining The Underworld" (Hellscape, Visualizing Vermin, Warrior Wings, Unholy Abduction, Demon Face) • "The Power of Pre-Visualization": Optional Commentary by Francis Lawrence • Documentary: "Conjuring Constantine - From Comic Book To Movie • A Perfect Circle's "Passive" Music Video • Theatrical Trailer • Also available in a Single Disc Edition w/ Deleted Scenes Only
Synopsis: John Constantine (Keanu Reeves) has the unique ability to see the half-breed angels and demons that disguise themselves as humans and walk the Earth. These visions nearly drove him insane, and they led him to attempt suicide and become close friends with the bottle. Now destined to patrol the border between heaven and hell, also known as Los Angeles, Constantine works to save people's souls. His latest task: helping a police detective (Rachel Weisz) solve the mysterious death of her twin sister.

Sandra Bullock. Warner, wide 2.40:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $27.95, 6/21/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Additional Scenes
Synopsis: Sandra Bullock returns as Federal Agent Gracie Hart in this action comedy and goes undercover in Las Vegas to rescue her best friend, the Miss United States Pageant winner.

Clint Eastwood. Warner, wide 2.40:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $29.95, 7/12/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Documentary: "Born to Fight" • Behind The Scenes: Producers, Round 15 • Roundtable with Clint Eastwood, Hilary Swank and Morgan Freeman - Hosted by James Lipton ("Inside the Actor's Studio") • Also available in a 3-Disc Deluxe Edition
Synopsis: A retired boxer named Frankie Dunn (Clint Eastwood) runs a gym in Los Angeles with another former fighter (Morgan Freeman). Dunn's still troubled by his painful estrangement from his daughter, and he's surprised when a female boxer, Maggie Fitzgerald (Hilary Swank), walks into his gym and asks him to train her.

Week of May 1 - June 12

Steve Martin. Universal, wide 1.85:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $19.98, 7/26/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Learn How to Play "Tonight You Belong to Me" • The Lost Filmstrips of Father Carlos Las Vegas de Cordova • Theatrical Trailer • Production Notes
Synopsis: Navin is an idiot. Hew grew up in Mississippi as the adopted son of a black sharecropper family. But at his 18th birthday, he feels he wants to discover the rest of the world and sets out to St. Louis. Everyone exploits his naivety, but then a simple invention brings him an incredible fortune.

HOSTAGE (2005)
Bruce Willis. Buena Vista, wide 2.35:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $29.99, 6/21/2005.
view cover
Supplements: • Audio Commentary w/ director Florent Siri • Behind-the-Scenes Featurette • Deleted/Extended Scenes
Synopsis: A former hostage negotiator (Bruce Willis) retires to a small town to lead its police department. But he finds that his old skills come into play when a band of teenagers attempts to steal a family's car. The plan goes awry and the would-be crooks find themselves trapped in a high-security house, which contains some confidential information that's very valuable to different group of criminals.

Adrien Brody, Keira Knightley. Warner, wide 2.40:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $24.98, 6/21/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Documentary: Look of The Jacket • "Jacket: Project History" Featurette • Deleted Scenes
Synopsis: A veteran (Adrien Brody) returns home to Vermont suffering from amnesia. He's then accused of murder and sentenced to life in an asylum, where doctors put him on a heavy course of psychotropic drugs and lock him in a drawer. Through this process he appears to be able to visit the future, where he meets a woman who might be able to save his life.

Bill Cosby. Ventura, full 1.33:1, DD 2.0, $49.99, 8/2/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Supplements TBA
Synopsis: The Cosby Show depicted a close-knit and prosperous African-American family from New York City. Dr. Heathcliff (OB-GYN) and Clair (attorney) Huxtable were a happily married, dual-profession couple with aspirations of raising their 5 children in an uplifting, positive environment. The Cosby Show appeared on NBC from 1984 to 1992, becoming one of the most popular programs in TV history.

Dylan Walsh, Julian McMahon. Warner, wide 1.77:1/16x9, DD 2.0, $59.98, 8/30/2005. view cover
Supplements: • 45-Minutes of Additional Scenes • Featurette: "Recurring Pain"
Synopsis: Flash and cash. Sex and style. Power and prestige. All it takes is a Nip/Tuck. The acclaimed series at TV's cutting edge continues in a Deluxe 16-Episode Season Two Set on six discs with Revealing Enhancements. Dylan Walsh and Julian McMahon return as the elite plastic surgery team of McNamara/Troy, whose skill at giving others perfect bodies contrasts with the doctors' imperfect personal lives.

Adam Brody, Mischa Barton. Warner, full 1.85:1/16x9, DD 2.0, $69.98, 8/23/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Additional Scenes • Audio Commentary on Select Episodes • Documentary: Beachy Couture: How O.C. Fashion Is Made • Extended Scenes • Gag Reel • The O.C.: Obsessed Completely Retrospective TV Special
Synopsis: There's trouble (and plenty of fun) in paradise in this 24-episode, 7-disc Season 2 collection of the smash-hit series set in Orange County's posh Newport Beach. Live. Laugh. Lie. Cheat. Grow. Share. Connive. Love. In California's beach paradise, they do everything under the sun.

Vin Diesel. Disney, wide 2.35:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $29.99, 6/28/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Audio Commentary w/ director/writer Adam Shankman • Two Featurettes ("On Set With Brad Garrett: Unpacified" & "On Set With Mr. Diesel: Action Hero and Nice Guy") • Deleted Scenes • "Special Ops" TV commercials • Bloopers
Synopsis: Lt. Shane Wolfe is a tough-as-nails Navy SEAL who has controlled military operations in every corner of the globe. Now the ultimate test comes when he's assigned to protect the home front ... in a house loaded with 5 out-of-control kids!

Christian Bale. Paramount, wide 2.35:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $29.99, 6/7/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Eight Deleted Scenes • The Machinist: Breaking the Rules • Commentary by director Brad Anderson • Theatrical Trailer
Synopsis: Trevor Reznik has not slept for a year. His every waking minute has become an unremitting nightmare of confusion, paranoia, guilt, anxiety and terror - each of which is part of an escalating series of clues that will lead to the source of his mysterious affliction in Brad Anderson's inventive psychological thriller The Machinist.

Week of April 11 - May 1

HITCH (2005)
Will Smith. Touchstone, wide 1.78:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $29.99, 6/14/2005. view cover
Supplements: • "1 Thing" Music Video by Amerie • "Dance Steps Made Easy" Featurette • "Hitch Style" Featurette • "Love in New York" Featurette • "The Dating Experts" Featurette • "Will Smith's Red Carpet Ride" Featurette • Blooper Reel • Deleted Scenes • Previews
Synopsis: Will Smith plays a "date doctor" who claims to be able to find customers their perfect romantic match in three dates or fewer. A female journalist (Eva Mendes) doubts his claim and pretends to be looking for love to expose the fraud.

Matthew Fox. Buena Vista, wide 1.78:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $59.99, 9/6/2005. view cover
Supplements: • "Before They Were Lost" Original Casting Tapes • "The Art of Matthew Fox" Featurette • Behind-The-Scenes of Lost • Audio Commentaries on Selected Episode • "Backstage with Drive Shaft": All-Access Pass Behind The Music • Blooper Reel • Deleted scenes • Uncut Extended Pilot Episode
Synopsis: The entire first season if the action-packed tv series about the 48 survivors of a plane forced to crash on a deseerted Pacific island.

Teri Hatcher. Buena Vista, full 1.33:1, DD 5.1, $59.99, 9/20/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Exclusive Unrated Deleted Scenes w/ Alternate Endings & Openings • "Making Of The Season One Finale" - Hosted by Brenda Strong • Marc Cherry's Favorite Episodes w/ Audio Commentary • Cast Audio Commentaries w/ Marc Cherry • "Desperate Housewives Around The World" Featurette • "Bree's Dinner Party" Multi-Language Reel • The Fashion Of Wisteria Lane • "Secrets of Wisteria Lane" Interactive Neighborhood Tour
Synopsis: Out of nowhere, suburban housewife Mary Alice Young takes her own life, then narrates the events that follow for us. The focus is on her four friends; there's man-hungry single mother Susan Mayer, ex-career woman and now mother of four Lynette Scarvo, Martha Stewart-on-steroids Bree Van De Kamp, and Gabrielle Solis, who has everything she's ever wanted but still can't find happiness. From her heavenly perch, Mary Alice sees all and offers her own twisted take on the weekly goings-on.

Jerry Seinfeld. Columbia TriStar, full 1.33:1, DD 5.1, $49.95, 5/17/2005. view cover
Supplements: • All-New Interviews w/ Jerry & Others • "The Breakthrough Season": Behind-The-Scenes Look at the Emmy-Winning Fourth Season • "Inside Looks": Cast & Creators Talk About Certain Episodes • "In The Vault": Never-Before-Seen Deleted Scenes • "Not That There's Anything Wrong With That": Outtakes and Bloopers • "Yada, Yada, Yada": Creator & Cast Audio Commentaries • "Master of His Domain": Jerry Seinfeld in Exclusive Stand-Up Footage • "Sponsored by Vandelay Industries": Original NBC Promo Ads & Trailers
Synopsis: Season four of the "show about nothing," created by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld, continues the antics and eccentricities of its loveable, harebrained characters. Jerry is surrounded by a cast of neurotic, obsessive, and socially challenged people, including his ex-girlfriend Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfuss), his best friend George (Michael Alexander), and his lanky, wacky next door neighbor, Kramer (Michael Richards). Together the group navigates a world of awkward encounters and bizarre schemes, punctuated by in-jokes with the audience, all of which add up to one of the funniest and most-loved shows in television history.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Beckinsale. Warner, wide 2.40:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $29.95, 5/24/2005. view cover
Supplements: • "A Life Without Limits: The Making of The Aviator" Featurette • "An Evening with Leonardo DiCaprio and Alan Alda" Featurette • "Modern Marvels: Howard Hughes Documentary" 45-Minute Documentary By The History Channel • "The Affliction of Howard Hughes: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder" Featurette • "The Role Of Howard Hughes In Aviation History" Featurette • Audio Commentary w/ Martin Scorsese • Behind-the-Scenes Featurettes • Deleted Scene • OCD Panel Discussion With Leonardo DiCaprio, Martin Scorsese, And Howard Hughes' Widow Terry Moore • Photo Gallery
Synopsis: Leonardo DiCaprio plays Howard Hughes, who went from wealthy Texas heir — he inherited his father's tool company — to billionaire tycoon. The film follows his career through the late 1920s and into the 1940s, when Hughes directed and produced films and developed innovative airplanes, all while romancing Hollywood starlets.

Samuel L. Jackson. Paramount, wide 2.35:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $29.95, 6/21/2005.
view cover
Supplements: • Two Featurettes • Six Deleted Scenes • Music Video
Synopsis: In 1999, a high-school basketball coach named Ken Carter (Samuel L. Jackson) benches his undefeated team for poor academic performance.

James Gandolfini. HBO, wide 1.78:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $99.98, 6/7/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Four Audio Commentaries w/ Directors Steve Buscemi, Peter Bogdanovich, Mike Figgis and Rodrigo Garcia
Synopsis: His separation hasn't been working out. His nephew's fiance has become a distraction. His paroled cousin is giving off bad vibes. His business rival is looking for payback. His therapist isn't buying into the "other Tony." It's enough to send any mob boss over the edge. Hell hath no fury like The Sopranos.

Week of March 2 - April 11

Bill Murray, Owen Wilson. Touchstone, wide 1.85:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $29.99, 5/10/2005. view cover | view SE cover
Supplements: • Available in both Widescreen and Special Editions • Audio Commentary w/ director Wes Anderson • Deleted Scenes w/ optional director Commentary • Interviews • Theatrical Trailer • SE: 2 Video Journals • SE: Seu Jorge Musical Performances: The Songs of David Bowie • Albert Maysles Documentary: "The Life Aquatic: A Movie"
Synopsis: Oceanographer Steve Zissou (Bill Murray) gathers his team of scientists and heads out to sea to hunt down the elusive jaguar shark that killed his partner during the filming of a documentary. Joining the team are a young pilot (Owen Wilson), a journalist (Cate Blanchett), and Zissou's estranged wife (Anjelica Huston).

Robert DeNiro. Universal, wide 2.35:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $22.98, 6/14/2005.
view cover
Supplements: • Supplements TBA
Synopsis: Martin Scorsese's 1995 drama tells the story of the rise and fall of Vegas lowlifes Ace Rothstein (Robert De Niro), a bookie; Nicky Santoro (Joe Pesci), Ace's pal and a junior mobster; and Ginger McKenna (Sharon Stone), a former prostitute.

Jim Carrey. Paramount, wide 1.85:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $29.99, 4/26/2005.
view cover | view SE cover
Supplements: • Available in both Widescreen and Special Editions • Audio Commentary w/ director Brad Siberling • Audio Commentary w/ director Brad Silberling and the real Lemony Snicket • Deleted Scenes • 3 Featurettes ("Building a Bad Actor", "Making the Baudelaire Children Miserable", & "Interactive Olaf") • SE: 5 Additional Featurettes ("The World of the Film", "Costumes and Disguises", "Violet's Functional Designs", "Incredibly Deadly Vipers", & "The Sad Score") • SE: 2 Sound Design Features • SE: Special Effects Analysis • Image Galleries
Synopsis: This comedic saga revolves around the travails of the three Baudelaire orphans, Sunny, Klaus and Violet who find themselves fobbed off on a series of odd people, including the narrator Lemony Snicket. The recurring bad guy is a distant family relative named Count Olaf, who initially takes in the kids but clearly is trying to separate them from a family inheritance.

Trey Parker, Matt Stone. Paramount, wide 2.35:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $29.99, 5/17/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Available in both Rated & Unrated Versions • Supplements TBA
Synopsis: Team America, an international police force dedicated to maintaining global stability learns that a power hungry dictator is brokering weapons of mass destruction to terrorists. The heroes embark upon a harrowing mission to save the world.

Wesley Snipes. New Line, wide 2.35:1/16x9, DD 5.1 & DTS 6.1, $29.95, 4/26/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Available in both Rated & Unrated Versions • Audio Commentary w/ writer/director David Goyer, Jessica Biel, and Ryan Reynolds (Unrated Only) • 16-Part Behind-The-Scenes Documentary • Alternate Ending • Blooper Reel • "Goyer on Goyer: The Writer Interviews the Director" Featurette • VFX Progression • Weapons Galleries • Theatrical Trailer
Synopsis: The final battle begins and the trinity comes to an end! Blade is back and his enemies have grown in number since they resurrected their king, Dracula. Together with a new group of vampire hunters, called the Nightstalkers, led by Whistler's strong but beautiful daughter Abigail and the wise-cracking Hannibal, they must finally defeat the vampires or face inevitable extinction.

Don Cheadle. MGM, wide 2.35:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $26.98, 4/12/2005. view cover
Supplements: • "A Message Of Peace: Making Hotel Rwanda" Documentary • "Return To Rwanda" Documentary • Audio Commentary w/ director Terry George and Paul Rusesabagina - includes select commentary by Wyclef Jean
Synopsis: As his country descends into madness, five-star-hotel manager Paul Rusesabagina (Cheadle) sets out to save his family. But when he sees that the world will not intervene in the massacre of minority Tutsis, he finds the courage to open his hotel to more than 1,200 refugees. Now, with a rabid militia at the gates, he must use his well-honed grace, flattery and cunning to protect his guests from certain death.

Anthony Edwards, George Clooney. Warner, wide 1.77:1/16x9, DD 2.0, $49.98, 4/26/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Audio Commentary on Selected Episodes • Documentaries • Easter Eggs • Featurette • Gag Reel • Outtakes
Synopsis: Combining the extraordinary talents of multiple award-winning producer John Wells, best-selling author Michael Crichton and Steven Spielberg, ER follows the lives of the emergency room staff and doctors at Chicago's County General Hospital, where the difference between life and death rests on split-second decisions - and the pressure, joy and guilt are often overwhelming. This critically acclaimed series, which won three Emmys during its third season, including Oustanding Drama Serires, is now available in a 22 episode, 6 disc collector's set.

Paul Giamatti. Fox, wide 1.85:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $27.98, 4/5/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Audio Commentary w/ Paul Giamatti and Thomas Haden Church • Deleted Scenes &bull More Supplements TBA
Synopsis: A man is about to get married, but before he does, he decides to take a road trip with his buddy up to California's wine country for one last blowout. During that week, they get into trouble with wine and women before reaching some profound realizations in their pre-midlife crisis.

Week of February 9 - March 2

George Clooney, Brad Pitt. Warner, wide 2.40:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $27.95, 4/12/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Supplements TBA
Synopsis: Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia) saw Danny Ocean (George Clooney) and his gang (Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, and others) steal $160 million from one of his casinos, and now he wants the money back, with interest. To avoid Benedict's wrath, Ocean rounds up his crew of thieves and jets to Europe with plans to score loot in Rome, Paris, and Amsterdam, including Rembrandt's "De Nachtwacht" painting.

Adam Sandler. Columbia TriStar, wide 1.85:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $28.95, 4/5/2005.
view cover
Supplements: • Behind-The-Scenes Featurette(s) • Deleted Scenes
Synopsis: A Mexican woman named Flor (Paz Vega) and her 12-year-old daughter move in with an American family when she's hired on as their housekeeper. Flor doesn't speak English, so she has difficulty communicating with John (Adam Sandler), an award-winning chef married to Deborah (Téa Leoni), an account executive who left her work to be a stay-at-home mom.

Ziyi Zhang. Columbia TriStar, wide 2.35:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $28.95, 4/19/2005.
view cover
Supplements: • Audio Commentary • "Making Of" Featurette • Music Video • Photo Gallery
Synopsis: Just before the fall of the Tang Dynasty, police officers Jin and Leo fight Mei, a dancer suspected of having ties to a revolutionary faction called the House of Flying Daggers. Charmed by her, however, the officers then decide to help Mei escape.

Peter Krause. HBO, wide 1.85:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $29.99, 3/15/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Five Audio Commentaries w/ Alan Ball, writers and directors on episodes 3, 4, 5, 11 and 13 • Interviews: "A Birdseye View of the Third Season" (In-Depth Interview w/ show creator Alan Ball)
Synopsis: Life. Death. Guilt. Afterlife. For the Fishers, the more things stay the same, the more they change. Get ready to break new emotional ground with Six Feet Under: The Complete Third Season.

KINSEY (Single and Double Disc Versions) (2004)
Liam Neeson. Fox, wide 2.35:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $27.98, 5/17/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Searchlight Sizzle Trailer • Commentary with writer/director Bill Condon • Twenty Deleted Scenes w/ optional Director's Commentary • "The Kinsey Report: Sex on Film" Featurette • "Sex Ed at the Kinsey Institute" Featurette • Interactive Sex Questionnaire • Gag Reel • Trailers
Synopsis: Liam Neeson stars as Alfred Kinsey, a man driven by scientific passion and personal demons to investigate the elusive mystery of human sexuality. Laura Linney garnered a Best Actress Oscar® nomination for her compelling performance as Kinsey’s free-thinking wife. This provocative drama dares to lift the veil of shame from a society in which sex was hidden, knowledge was dangerous and talking about it was the ultimate taboo.

Irene Bedard. Disney, wide 1.66:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $29.99, 5/3/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Original & Extended Versions of the film • Deleted Scenes • "Making of Pocahontas" Featurette • "Follow Your Heart" Set-Top Game • Disney Art Gallery • Sing-Along Songs • Multi-Language Reel
Synopsis: The daughter of a Native American tribe chief and English soldier share a romance when English colonists invade 16th century Virginia.

Julia Roberts, Jude Law. Columbia TriStar, wide 1.85:1/16x9, DD & DTS 5.1, $28.95, 3/29/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Music Video: "The Blower's Daughter" performed by Damien Rice • Previews
Synopsis: Photographer Anna (Julia Roberts) meets Dan (Jude Law), an aspiring novelist, at a photo shoot. But time passes and she goes on to marry dermatologist Larry (Clive Owen). Meanwhile, Dan begins dating Alice (Natalie Portman), a stripper, but he continues an affair with Anna. After the secret relationship is exposed, Larry and Anna begin a flirtatious friendship.

Week of January 28 - February 9

Zach Braff. Buena Vista, full 1.33:1, DD 2.0, $49.99, 5/17/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Documentary • Never-Before-Seen Footage
Synopsis: Now relive all 24 episodes of the groundbreaking show's highly acclaimed first season. With a host of great bonus features, including never-before-seen dream sequences and a fascinating retrospective documentary, this spectacular four-DVD set is off-the-charts entertainment you'll want to watch over and over again. Joining the rumpled J.D. (Braff) at Sacred Heart Hospital are fellow residents Chris Turk (Donald Faison) - J.D.'s college buddy who is part of the more elite surgical group - and the beautiful but socially awkward Elliot Reid (Sarah Chalke).

PRIMER (2004)
Shane Carruth, David Sullivan. New Line, wide 1.78:1/16x9, DS 2.0, $27.95, 4/5/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Director Commentary Track • Director, Cast, and Crew Commentary Track
Synopsis: Everything you think you know about modern science is about to unravel in this critically acclaimed film about two young engineers and the consequences they face when they invent a machine that enables them to travel back in time.

Pierce Brosnan. New Line, wide 2.35:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $27.95, 3/29/2005.
view cover
Supplements: • Audio Commentary with director Brett Ratner • Deleted/Alternate Scenes with Optional Commentary • "Before, During and After the Sunset" Documentary • "Interview with a Jewel Thief" Featurette • Blooper Reel • Music Video • DVD-ROM Script-to-Screen
Synopsis: Pierce Brosnan stars as a successful thief who retires to a tropical island to enjoy the fruits of his last heist with his partner (Salma Hayek). His FBI nemesis (Woody Harrelson) shows up, however, to double-check that he's really retired, and a suspicion-filled game of intrigue begins.

Jennifer Tilly. Universal, wide 1.85:1/16x9, DD & DTS 5.1, $29.98, 4/12/2005.
view cover
Supplements: • Slashed Scene with Audio Commentary by Director Don Mancini and Debbie Carrington • Heeeere's Chucky! • Family Hell-iday Slideshow • Audio Commentary with Writer-Director Don Mancini and Actress Jennifer Tilly • Conceiving the Seed of Chucky • Tilly on The Tonight Show • FuZion Up Close with the Seed of Chucky Stars • Cast and Filmmakers
Synopsis: Killer doll Chucky (Brad Dourif) and his bride, Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly), have a son named Glen (Billy Boyd), who resurrects his parents, not knowing how evil they are. The three then become a family of rampaging, psychopathic dolls.

ALFIE (2004)
Jude Law. Paramount, wide 1.85:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $29.99, 3/15/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Two Audio Commentaries • Eight Deleted Scenes w/ Optional Commentary • Five Behind-The-Scenes Featurettes • Script, Production and Storybord Galleries • Trailers
Synopsis: In this remake of the 1966 Michael Caine classic, Jude Law takes over the role of Alfie, a Cockney womanizer (now living in New York City) whose series of one-night stands and lack of commitment brings him to question his life.

Wil Wheaton. Columbia TriStar, wide 1.85:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $24.96, 3/22/2005.
view cover
Supplements: • Audio Commentary w/ director Rob Reiner • "Walking the Tracks: The Summer of Stand By Me" Featurette • "Stand By Me" Music Video • Isolated Music Score • Trailers • Talent Files • Exclusive Movie Collector's Book
Synopsis: In a small woodsy Oregon town, a group of friends--sensitive Gordie (Wil Wheaton), tough guy Chris (River Phoenix), flamboyant Teddy (Corey Feldman), and scaredy-cat Vern (Jerry O’Connell)--are in search of a missing teenager’s body. Wanting to be heros in each other’s and their hometown’s eyes, they set out on an unforgettable two-day trek that turns into an odyssey of self-discovery. They sneak smokes, tell tall tales, cuss ’cause it’s cool and band together when the going gets tough. When they encounter the town’s knife-welding hoods who are also after the body, the boys discover a strength they never knew they had.

Renée Zellweger. Universal, wide 2.40:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $29.98, 3/22/2005.
view cover
Supplements: • Alternate Opening • Deleted Scenes • Inside Look at the "Fight Scene" • Featurette: "Mark and Bridget Forever" • Interactive Quiz
Synopsis: Renée Zellweger is back as everyone’s favorite witty heroine in Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. Not that Bridget’s counting, but it’s been six wonderful weeks, four fabulous days, and seven precious hours with one flawless boyfriend, Mark Darcy (Colin Firth). But when mischievous and devilishly charming Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant) arrives on the scene claiming to be a reformed man, can Bridget find a way to make true love last forever? It’s the “absolutely hilarious” (Jim Ferguson, ABC-TV) romantic comedy that proves there’s nothing like love to send you over the edge.

Week of January 15 - January 28

Nicolas Cage. Walt Disney, wide 2.35:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $29.99, 3/2005. view cover
Supplements: • TBA
Synopsis: Benjamin Franklin Gates (Cage) descends from a family of treasure-seekers who've all hunted for the same thing: a war chest hidden by the Founding Fathers after the Revolutionary War. Ben's close to discovering its whereabouts, as is his competition. However, the FBI is also hip to the hunt.

Johnny Depp. Miramax, wide 2.35:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $29.99, 3/22/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Audio Commentary w/ director Marc Forster, producer Richard Gladstein & writer David Magee • 2 Featurettes ("The Magic of Finding Neverland" & "Creating Neverland") • Deleted Scenes w/ Optional Commentary • Outtakes • "On The Red Carpet"
Synopsis: This biopic focuses on the life of Peter Pan creator James Barrie (Johnny Depp), who bonded with his neighbors, four boys and their mother (Kate Winslet), in London around 1900, an experience that inspired him to invent the famous flying lad.

Craig T. Nelson. Pixar, wide 2.40:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $29.99, 3/21/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Two Audio Commentaries • New Animated Short: "Jack Jack Attack" • 15-Minute Alternate Opening • Deleted Scenes • "How We Did It" Multi-Part Documentary • Making-Of and "Art and Technology" Featurettes • Behind-The-Scenes • Teaser & Theatrical Trailers • "Boundin'" Short (w/ optional commentary) • "Top Secret" Main and Secondary Character Profiles • Incredi-Blunders • Easter Eggs
Synopsis: Bob Parr (Craig T. Nelson) was known to all as Mr. Incredible, but now the erstwhile superhero has retired to a quiet life in the suburbs and a job as an insurance salesman. But after a mysterious communication summons him to a remote island, he springs back into action, along with his superpower-endowed family.

Dustin Hoffman. Fox, wide 2.35:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $27.98, 2/22/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Two Audio Commentaries (One w/ director David O. Russell; the other w/ cast members Jason Schwartzman, Mark Wahlberg and Naomi Watts) • Two Featurettes ("Production" & "Behind the Scenes of the Detective's Infomercial") • 22 Deleted Scenes • Five Cast Outtakes • Segment from "The Charlie Rose Show" • Long Version of Infomercial • Six "Open-Spaces Coalition" PSA's • Photo Gallery • Inside Look at "In Her Shoes" • TV Spots and Trailers
Synopsis: Dustin Hoffman and Lily Tomlin lead an all-star cast including Jude Law, Naomi Watts and Mark Walhberg in this outrageous comedy from director/co-writer David O. Russell. Kindhearted but confused activist Andrew Markovski hires a pair of screwball "existential detectives" (Hoffman and Tomlin) to help him find the meaning of life. All the while, a sexy, French author (Isabelle Huppert) is trying to throw a wrench in their plan by seducing andrew's mind and body.

Week of January 2 - January 15

SAW (2004)
Cary Elwes. Lion's Gate, wide 1.85:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $28.98, 2/15/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Audio Commentary w/ Director James Wan and Writer/Actor Leigh Whannell • Making Of "Bite the Hand That Bleeds" Featurette • Making Of Saw Featurette • Fear Factory's "Bite the Hand That Bleeds" Music Video
Synopsis: Obsessed with teaching his victims the value of life, a deranged, sadistic serial killer is abducting morally wayward people and forcing them to play horrific games for their own survival. Faced with impossible choices, each victim must struggle to win back his or her life, or else die trying ...

Will Smith. Dreamworks, wide 1.85:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $28.95, 2/8/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Audio Commentary • 3 Behind-The-Scenes Featurettes ("The Music of Shark Tale", "Club Oscar", & "Fishified World") • Music Video • "Rough Waters" Technical Goofs • "Star Fish" Meet-The-Cast Segments • Set Top Games • DVD-ROM
Synopsis: Oscar (Will Smith), a lowly tongue-scrubber at the local Whale Wash, becomes an improbable hero when he tells a great white lie. To keep his secret, Oscar teams up with an outcast vegetarian shark, Lenny (Jack Black), and the two become the most unlikely of friends. When his lie begins to unravel, it’s up to Oscar’s loyal friend Angie (Renee Zellweger) and Lenny to help him stand up to the most feared shark in the water (Robert DeNiro) and find his true place in the reef.

Week of December 5 - January 2

Dave Chappelle. Paramount, full 1.33:1, DD 2.0, $26.99, 3/8/2005. view cover
Supplements: • New Stand Up Material From Dave Chappelle • Uncut Rick James Interview • Gag Reel • Deleted Scenes • All Shows Presented in their Original, Uncensored Format • More TBA
Synopsis: Dave Chappelle is back for a second season and he has even more to say in this street-smart half hour sketch comedy series. Dave's unique point-of-view on the world provides a comedic and sometimes defiant look at American culture, including music, movies, television, advertising, current events and everyday life situations.

Sarah Michelle Gellar. Columbia, wide 1.85:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $28.95, 2/1/2005.
view cover
Supplements: • Making-Of Documentary: "A Powerful Rage: Behind the Grudge" • Cast and Crew Commentary w/ Sam Raimi, Ted Raimi, Sarah Michelle Gellar and more! • Featurette: "Under the Skin" • Previews
Synopsis: From filmmaker Sam Raimi and acclaimed Japanese director Takashi Shimizu comes a terrifying tale of horror in the tradition of The Ring and 28 Days Later. Sarah Michelle Gellar stars as an American nurse who has come to work in Tokyo. Following a series of horrifying and mysterious deaths, she encounters the vengeful supernatural spirit that possesses its victims, claims their souls, then passes its curse to another person in a spreading chain of horror. Now, she must find a way to break this supernatural spell or become the next victim of an ancient evil that never dies, but forever lives to kill.

RAY (2004)
Jamie Foxx, Regina King. Universal, wide 1.85:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $29.98, 2/1/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Feature Commentary w/ director Taylor Hackford • Deleted Scenes • Extended Musical Scenes • Featurette: "Stepping into the Part" • Featurette: "Ray Remembered" • Featurette: "A Look Inside Ray" • Theatrical Trailer • Cast and Filmmakers
Synopsis: Jamie Foxx stars as the one-of-a-kind innovator of soul who overcame impossible odds to become a music legend. Ray is the triumphant and remarkable story of one of America’s true musical geniuses, Ray Charles. From his humble beginnings in the South through his meteoric rise to the top of American music charts, Ray’s inspirational journey is a tale of hope, redemption and the power of the human spirit. Witness the incredible true story of a musician who fought harder and went further than anyone could imagine.

Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie. Paramount, wide 1.85:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $29.99, 1/25/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Two Audio Commentaries • Five Behind-The-Scenes Featurettes • Deleted Scenes • Gag Reel • Original six-minute Short Film that inspired the feature
Synopsis: In this science fiction adventure set in the 1930s, New York City reporter Polly Perkins starts to investigate why so many famous scientists are being reported missing. Soon, she gets clues, as strange flying machines and giant robots threaten the city. Luckily, her old flame, aviator Captain Joseph Sullivan aka Sky Captain, is there to battle the bad guys with the Flying Legion, in his Warhawk P-40. Now Polly must fly away with Sky Captain to Nepal to find a crazy scientist, Dr. Totenkopf, who apparently wants to destroy the world!

Michael Chiklis. Fox, wide 1.78:1/16x9, DD 2.0, $59.98, 2/22/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Audio Commentary on 4 episodes ("Bottom Bitch", "Mum", "Slipknot", "Fire in the Hole") • Deleted Scenes w/ optional commentary
Synopsis: The Shield made history with the most Emmy nominations ever for a basic cable drama. It won a Golden Globe for Best Drama Series and star Michael Chiklis won the Emmy and Golden Globe awards for Lead Actor in a Drama Series. Get ready as this hard-hitting, award-winning cop drama returns with a vengeance for a pulse-pounding third season.

LADDER 49 (2004)
Joaquin Phoenix; John Travolta. Buena Vista, wide 1.85:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $29.99, 3/8/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Deleted Scenes • Featurette: "Everyday Heroes: Real Stories from Real Firefighters" • Featurette: "The Making of Ladder 49" • Audio Commentary w/ director Jay Russell and editor Bud Smith
Synopsis: As part of a tightly knit brotherhood of skilled firefighters, Jack Morrison (Phoenix) grows from inexperienced rookie to seasoned veteran as he faces a dangerous job that makes him a hero to strangers but often shortchanges his wife (Jacinda Barrett) and kids. Then, when he becomes trapped in the worst blaze of his career, the things Jack holds most important - family, duty, and courage - come sharply into focus.

Week of November 14 - December 5

Billy Bob Thornton, Derek Luke. Universal, wide 2.35:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $29.98, 1/18/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Deleted Scenes • Peter Berg Discusses a Scene in the Movie • Player Cam • Tim McGraw: Off the Stage • The Story of the 1988 Permian Panthers • Audio Commentary w/ Director Peter Berg and Writer Buzz Bissinger • Cast and Filmmakers
Synopsis: A straight arrow coach leads his team to the 1988 Texas state semifinals in the west Texas city of Odessa, where high school football is king. Expectations of classmates, coaches, family, and community members exact a toll on the athletes central to the story. Economic and racial undertones pervade this adaptation of H.G. Bissinger's book by the same name.

Julianne Moore, Dominic West. Columbia, wide 2.35:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $28.95, 1/18/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Commentary w/ director Joseph Ruben and writer Gerald DiPego • Deleted Scenes • "The Making of The Forgotten" Featurette • "Remembering The Forgotten" Featurette • Previews • Includes Extended Cut of the film w/ a never-before-seen Alternate Ending
Synopsis: Nine-year-old Sam Paretta is dead, killed in a plane crash. Even though it's been fourteen months since the accident, his mother Telly (Julianne Moore), still grieves over the loss. But suddenly, her husband (Anthony Edwards) swears they never had a child and her psychiatrist (Gary Sinise) insists she's delusional. But worst of all, there is absolutely no evidence to prove Sam ever existed. Haunted by the memories of her son, Telly's search for the truth propels her into a dark mind-shattering conspiracy of unearthly terror.

Dave Chappelle. Universal, wide 1.85:1/16x9, DD & DTS 5.1, $19.98, 2/15/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Director's Audio Commentary • Alternate Ending • Deleted Scenes • More with the "Guys on the Couch" • Featurette: "Granny's Guide To Bakin'" • Featurette: "Different Types of Smokers"
Synopsis: Loaded with some of today's hottest young comedy stars, Half Baked is the hilarious adventure of three loveable party buds trying to find cash to bail their friend out of jail. But just when the guys have mastered a plan, everything comes dangerously close to going up in smoke! With numerous cameo appearances by Janeane Garofalo, Snoop Doggy Dog, Willie Nelson, Stephen Baldwin, Bob Saget, Jon Stewart, and Tommy Chong.

Val Kilmer, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro. Warner, wide 2.35:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $26.99, 2/22/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Additional Scenes • Audio Commentary • Documentaries • Theatrical Trailer
Synopsis: When Al Pacino and Robert De Niro square off, Heat sizzles. A tale of a brilliant L.A. cop (Pacino) following the trail from a deadly armed robbery to a crew headed by an equally brilliant master thief (De Niro). Val Kilmer, Jon Voight, Tom Sizemore, Ashley Judd and Natalie Portman co-star.

MR. 3000 (2004)
Bernie Mac; Angela Bassett. Touchstone, wide 1.85:1/16x9, DD & DTS 5.1, $29.99, 2/1/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Audio Commentary w/ director Charles Stone • Deleted Scenes w/ director commentary • Extended Scenes • Four Featurettes ("The Tonight Show", "Spring Training: The Extras Journey", "Everybody Loves Stan", & "Making of Mr. 3000") • Outtakes
Synopsis: Stan Ross was a baseball superstar who turned his back on the game years ago when he finally hit 3,000 hits. Years later, he's now a successful, self-made entrepreneur whose many businesses revolve around his title: Mr. 3000. But a clerical error has proven that Stan is just short three hits of his spectacular homerun record. Now, with time on his side and the potential to be inducted in the Baseball Hall of Fame, Stan must return back to the game and get back his title. But things have changed with age, and as Stan finds out, it's not too easy to get back into the game when he hasn't played for years, and he's nearing 50.

Bruce Willis, Milla Jovovich. Columbia, wide 2.35:1/16x9, DD & DTS 5.1, $24.96, 1/11/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Factoid Track • Featurette: The Star Element • The Visual Element • The Alien Element • The Digital Element • More TBA!
Synopsis: New York cab driver Korben Dallas didn't mean to be a hero, but he just picked up the kind of fare that only comes along every five thousand years: A perfect beauty, a perfect being, a perfect weapon. Now, together, they must save the world. Bruce Willis, Milla Jovovich, and Gary Oldman star in acclaimed director Luc Besson's outrageous sci-fi adventure, an extravagantly styled tale of good against evil set in an unbelievable twenty-third century world.

Week of November 7 - November 14

Jean Reno, Gary Oldman. Columbia, wide 2.35:1/16x9, DD & DTS 5.1, $24.96, 1/11/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Featurette: The Professional: A 10 Year Reunion • Featurette: Trial by Fire - Natalie Portman • Featurette: Birth of a Star - Jean Reno as Leon • More TBA!
Synopsis: Calling himself a "cleaner", the mysterious Leon (Reno) is New York's top hitman. When his next-door neighbors are murdered, Leon becomes the unwilling guardian of the family's sole survivor - 12-year-old Mathilda, but Mathilda doesn't just want protection; she wants revenge. Training her in the deadly tricks of his trade, Leon helps her track the psychotic agent (Oldman) who murdered her family.

Wood Harris, Dominic West. HBO, wide 1.85:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $99.98, 1/25/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Audio Commentaries w/ Dominic West and Michael K. Williams, executive producer Karen Thorson and editor Thom Zimny • Episodics and Recaps
Synopsis: The most unvarnished, uncompromising and realistic police drama ever returns for another hard hitting season. McNolty has been demoted to harbor patrol, Daniels is in the police archive dungeon, Prez is chafing in the suburbs and Gregs is stuck behind a desk. Meanwhile, on the docks of the Baltimore harbor, the rank and file scrounge for work and the union bosses take illegitimate measures to reinvigorate business, but a horrific discovery is about to blow the whole port inside out and while the detail is on ice, a new case begins ...

Timothy Olyphant, Ian Mcshane. HBO, wide 1.85:1/16x9, DD 2.0, $99.98, 2/8/2005. view cover
Supplements: • HBO's "Making of Deadwood" • History of Deadwood • Inteview with David Milch conducted by Keith Carradine • Audio Commentaries on episodes 1, 4, 5 & 12
Synopsis: 1876, the Black Hills of South Dakota. In an age of plunder and greed, the richest gold strike in American History draws out a throng of restless misfits to an outlaw settlement where everything-and everyone-has a price. Welcome to Deadwood ... a hell of a place to make your fortune.

Week of October 31 - November 7

Milla Jovovich. Columbia TriStar, wide 2.35:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $28.96, 12/28/2004. view cover
Supplements: • Filmmaker Commentary w/ Director Alexander Witt, Producer Jeremy Bolt & Executive Producer Robert Kulzer • Cast Commentary with Milla Jovovich, Oded Fehr & Sienna Guillory • Commentary w/ Writer/Producer Paul W.S. Anderson & Producer Jeremy Bolt • Bonus Trailers • 20 Deleted Scenes • Cast Outtakes • Game Over: Resident Evil Reanimated • Six-part making-of Resident Evil: Apocalypse • Three Featurettes ("Corporate Malfeasance", "Game Babes", "Symphony of Evil") • Poster Gallery
Synopsis: Alice is back and forced to face off against an unstoppable, bio-engineered killing machine in the action-packed sequel to the sci-fi smash hit.

Sanaa Lathan, Raoul Bova. Fox, wide 2.35:1/16x9, DD & DTS 5.1, $29.98, 1/25/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Commentary w/ Paul Thomas Anderson, Lance Henriksen and Sanaa Lathan • Commentary w/ Alec Gillis, Tom Woodruff Jr. and John Bruno • Alternate Opening Version of Feature • AVP Making of Featurette • Three Deleted Scenes • Inside Look (Intro Animation, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Elektra) • Darkhorse AVP Comic Covers Galley • DVD-Rom Features
Synopsis: It may be our planet, but it’s their war! The deadliest creatures from the scariest sci-fi movies ever made face off for the first time on film. The incredible adventure begins when the discovery of an ancient pyramid buried in Antarctica sends a team of scientists and adventurers to the frozen continent. There, they make an even more terrifying discovery: two alien races engaged in the ultimate battle. Whoever wins ... we lose.

Cole Hauser, Robin Tunney. Fox, wide 2.35:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $27.98, 1/11/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Audio Commentary w/ Director Paul Abascal • Deleted Scenes w/ Optional Commentary • Making of Featurette • Theatrical Trailer • Stunt Featurette
Synopsis: Action film superstar Bo Laramie (Cole Hauser) seems to have it all: beautiful wife, adoring son and a Malibu beach house. But his newfound fame comes with a price – he’s the target of paparazzi bent on making Bo and his loved ones fodder for the tabloids. Led by “superstar” photographer, Rex (Tom Sizemore), the paparazzi become increasingly relentless, until one night their ruthless actions turn Bo and his family into victims of a terrible accident. With the police unable to help, Bo seeks vengeance on his own – and the paparazzi start falling … one by one.

Zach Braff, Natalie Portman. Fox, wide 1.85:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $29.99, 12/28/2004. view cover
Supplements: • Feature commentary w/ writer/director/actor Zach Braff and actor Natalie Portman • Feature commentary w/ writer/director/actor Zach Braff, director of photography Lawrence Sher, editor Myron Kerstein and production designer Judy Becker • 16 Deleted Scenes with optional commentary by Zach Braff • "Making of" Garden State • Outtakes/Bloopers • Soundtrack Promo
Synopsis: Twentysomething, emotionally detached Andrew “Large” Largeman (Zach Braff) hasn’t been home to New Jersey in nine years. Now, as Large attempts to re-connect with a variety of odd acquaintances – including his father – he decides to risk getting high on the most potent and unpredictable drug there is … life! Co-starring Natalie Portman, Peter Sarsgaard, Ian Holm and Method Man, Garden State is “marvelous fun” (Rolling Stone).

Simon Pegg. Universal, wide 2.35:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $29.98, 12/21/2004. view cover
Supplements: • Region 1 Supplements TBA
Synopsis: Shaun is having many problems in life. His long-time girlfriend has dumped him due to their almost daily expedition to Shaun's favourite pub. His temporary management job isn't going well at Foree Electronics, with his subordiantes not even giving him the time of day. His deadbeat flatmates, Pete and Ed, are at each other's throats. And, oh yeah, London is overrun with multitudes of zombies. In the midst of this, he must save himself, Ed, his ex, his mom, and his precious record collection. There is a time when a hero must rise ... from his couch.

Week of October 24 - October 31

Kim Basinger, William H. Macy. New Line, wide 2.40:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $29.99, 1/18/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Audio Commentary w/ director David Ellis & writers Larry Cohen and Chris Morgan • DVD ROM Feature: Script-to-Screen • Deleted Scenes w/ optional director commentary • Featurettes: "Celling Out" (A look at cellphones in today's culture), "Dialing Up Cellular" (Making-Of), "Code of Silence" (Inside the Rampart Scandal)
Synopsis: Suspense is on the line! After getting a frantic call on his cell phone from a kidnapped woman, a young man must battle his way through a ruthless world of lies and murder to rescue her. A fast-paced thriller in the vein of Phone Booth and Speed that will keep you riveted with edge-of-your-seat car chase scenes.

Kirsten Dunst, Paul Bettany. Universal, wide 1.85:1/16x9, DD & DTS 5.1, $29.98, 12/28/2004. view cover
Supplements: • Wimbledon: A Look Inside • Featurettes: "Welcome to the Club", "Ball Control", "Coach a Rising Star" • Feature Commentary w/ Actor Paul Bettany and Director Richard Loncraine • Theatrical Trailer • DVD-ROM Features
Synopsis: Pro tennis "hot shot" Lizzie Bradbury (Kirsten Dunst) is a rising star who lives to win. But when she falls for long-shot contender Peter Colt (Paul Bettany) amid the glitz and glamour of Wimbledon, Lizzie discovers it’s not if you win or lose, but how you play the game … of love. A deliciously witty romantic comedy about chasing your dreams and risking your heart, Wimbledon is a fun and charming story of love across the net.

Blanchard Ryan, Daniel Travis. Lion's Gate, wide 1.78:1/16x9, DD & DTS 5.1, $26.98, 12/28/2004. view cover
Supplements: • "Deconstructing the Shark Myth": Shark Conservation Featurette • Director And Producer Audio Commentary • Theatrical Trailer
Synopsis: Two scuba divers fight for their lives in the open waters of the ocean when their tour boat strands them in shark-infested waters.

Denzel Washington. Paramount, wide 1.85:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $29.99, 12/21/2004.
view cover
Supplements: • Audio Commentary w/ director Jonathan Demme and screenplay writer Daniel Pyne • Two Behind-The-Scenes Featurettes • Five Deleted/Extended Scenes • Two Outtakes • Liev Schreiber Screen Test • "Political Pundits" Feature w/ Director Commentary
Synopsis: Academy Award® winners Denzel Washington and Meryl Streep, along with Golden Globe and Emmy nominee Liev Schreiber, mesmerize a whole new generation of audiences in Academy Award® winner Jonathan Demme’s The Manchurian Candidate. As the entire nation watches the presidential campaign hurtle towards Election Day, one soldier races to uncover the conspiracy behind it - a conspiracy that seeks to destroy democracy itself.

Week of October 17 - October 24

Larry David. HBO, full 1.33:1, DD 2.0, $39.98, 1/18/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Episodic Previews • U.S. Comedy Arts Festival Panel with the cast and crew of Curb Your Enthusiasm
Synopsis: Larry David has a charmed life - success, famous friends, a patient wife, a dedicated manager and a trendy new restaurant ... so what's his problem? See Larry spike some brownies, recommend a deranged nanny, thwart an Alanis Morissette concert, rob a grave and get a kid drunk. Along the way he encounters Martin Scorsese, Cheri Oteri, Richard Lewis, Krazee-Eyez Killa, and the Holy Family ... and he manages to piss them all off.

Rock Hudson. Warner, wide 2.20:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $19.97, 1/11/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Vintage Making-of Featurette: "The Man Who Makes the Difference" • Theatrical Trailer
Synopsis: The U.S. nuclear sub Tigerfish churns toward the North Pole. Its mission: rescue the imperiled members of weather outpost Ice Station Zebra. On board are Cmdr. Ferraday and his crew, several unexpected arrivals with secret orders and enough suspicions, suspense and twists to make Ice Station Zebra an engrossing espionage thriller. All hands to stations for excitement!

SEALAB 2021: SEASON TWO (2004)
Adult Swim. Warner, full 1.33:1, DD 2.0, $29.98, 2/1/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Supplements TBA
Synopsis: Oh, what a difference a year makes. The crew of classic 1972 series Sealab 2020 has been replaced with a gang of misfits unfit for public service. Their mission: to investigate underwater colonization. They are doing a very bad job.

Halle Berry. Warner, wide 2.40:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $29.99, 1/18/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Additional Scenes • Alternate Endings • Documentary: "The Many Faces Of Catwoman" • Documentary: "HBO First Look Special"
Synopsis: Catwoman is the story of meek, mild-mannered artist Patience Philips, who works for Hedare Beauty, a mammoth cosmetics company on the verge of releasing a revolutionary anti-aging product. When Patience inadvertently happens upon a dark secret her employer is hiding, she is attacked and killed. But Patience is given a second chance - a second life in which someone not quite human resides. Someone with the strength, speed, agility and ultra-keen senses of a cat. With her newfound power, Patience becomes Catwoman, and sets out to stop Hedare's callous plan to unleash an appallingly dangerous product into the world.

Tom Cruise, Jamie Foxx. Dreamworks, wide 2.40:1/16x9, DD & DTS 5.1, $29.99, 12/14/2004. view cover
Supplements: • Deleted Scenes • City Of Night: The Making of Collateral • Visual FX: MTA Train • Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx Rehearsal Footage
Synopsis: A cab driver finds himself the hostage of an engaging contract killer as he makes his rounds from hit to hit during one night in LA. He must find a way to save both himself and one last victim. Starring Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx.

Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams. New Line, wide 2.35/16x9, DD 5.1, $27.95, 1/11/2005. view cover
Supplements: • Two Audio Commentaries (w/ Director Nick Cassavettes & w/ Novelist Nicholas Sparks) • DVD ROM Features • Twelve Deleted Scenes • Documentaries ("Nick Cassavetes Profile", "Author Nicholas Sparks", "Locating The Notebook", "Casting Noah and Allie") • Rachel McAdams Screen Test • Theatrical Trailer
Synopsis: Behind every great love is a great story. Two teenagers from opposite sides of the tracks fall in love during one summer together, but are tragically forced apart. When they reunite 7 years later, their passionate romance is rekindled, forcing one of them to choose between true love and class order.

John Cho, Kal Penn. New Line, wide 1.85/16x9, DD 5.1, $27.95, 1/4/2005.
view cover
Supplements: • Three Audio Commentaries • DVD ROM Features • Deleted Scenes and Outtakes • Three Featurettes • Interviews • Music Video
Synopsis: In the year's funniest comedy, two guys on a quest to satisfy their cravings for burgers find themselves on a hilarious all-night adventure as they run into one screwy obstacle after another.

Anne Hathaway Julie Andrews. Disney, wide 1.85/16x9, DD 5.1, $29.99, 12/14/2004. view cover
Supplements: • Royal Bloopers • Deleted Scenes • "Breakaway" Music Video by Kelly Clarkson • The PD2 Makeover-Hip Tips On How To Capture Princess Mia's Look • Find Your Inner Princess: A Set-Top Personality Quiz • Making A Return Engagement: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Cool Music in the Movie, Hosted by Raven • A Julie Andrews & Garry Marshall Commentary
Synopsis: Where the smash hit The Princess Diaries ended, the fun begins as Mia (Anne Hathaway) is ready to assume her role as princess of Genovia. But no sooner has she moved into the Royal Palace with her beautiful, wise grandmother Queen Clarisse (Julie Andrews) than she learns her days as a princess are numbered - Mia's got to lose the tiara and immediately take the crown herself. As if getting ready to rule wasn't enough, the stakes for Mia have never been higher - with Genovian law stating that princesses must be married before being crowne, Mia's in for a parade of suitors who'd all like to be her king.

Joaquin Phoenix. Buena Vista, wide 1.85/16x9, DD 5.1, $29.99, 1/11/2005.
view cover
Supplements: • Supplements TBA
Synopsis: In a quiet, isolated village in Pennsylvania, there lies a pact between the people of the village and the creatures who reside in the surrounding woods: the townspeople do not enter the woods, and the creatures do not enter the village. The pact stays true for many years, but when Lucius Hunt seeks medical supplies from the towns beyond the wood, the pact is challenged. Animal carcasses, devoid of fur, begin to appear around the village, causing the council of elders to fear for the safety of the village, the pact, and much more.

Week of October 3 - October 11

I, ROBOT (2004)
Will Smith. Fox, wide 2.35/16x9, DD & DTS 5.1, $29.98, 12/14/2004. view cover
Supplements: • Audio Commentary w/ director Alex Proyas and screenwriter Akiva Goldsman • Making-Of I, Robot Featurette • Still Gallery • "Inside Look" at Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Robots, and Elektra.
Synopsis: In the year 2035, technology and robots are a trusted part of everyday life. But that trust is broken when a scientist is found dead and a skeptical detective (Will Smith) believes that a robot is responsible. Bridget Moynahan co-stars in this high-tech action thriller that questions whether technology will ultimately lead to mankind's salvation ... or annihilation.

Tom Cruise. Paramount, wide 2.40/16x9, DD & DTS 5.1, $19.99, 12/14/2004.
view cover
Supplements: • Audio Commentary w/ producer Jerry Bruckheimer, director Tony Scott, screenwriter Jack Epps, Captain Mike Galpin, retired Admiral Pete Pettigrew and Vice Admiral Mike McCabe • Six Documentaries • Two Featurettes: “Behind-The-Scenes” & “Survival Training” • Four Music Videos: Kenny Loggins’ “Danger Zone”, Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away”, Loverboy’s “Heaven in Your Eyes”, Harold Faltermeyer / Steve Stevens’ “Top Gun Anthem” • "Vintage" Tom Cruise Interview • Multi-Angle Storyboards w/ optional commentary by director Tony Scott • Seven TV Spots
Synopsis: Cocky, undisciplined Maverick (Tom Cruise) flies by instinct and breaks all of the rules at the Navy fighter pilot academy with his best friend and co-pilot Goose (Anthony Edwards). Along the way, Maverick romances the civilian astrophysics instructor (Kelly McGillis) who is initially put off by his hotshot antics. When a personal tragedy leads Maverick to reassess his abilities and choices, he proves that he can be a team player and still shine.

Jon Heder. Fox, wide 1.85/16x9, DD 5.1, $29.98, 12/21/2004. view cover
Supplements: • "The Making of the Wedding of the Century" Featurette • 5 Deleted Scenes w/ Commentary by Director/Co-Writer Jared Hess, actor Jon Heder and Producer Jeremy Coon • Commentary w/ Director/Co-Writer Jared Hess, actor Jon Heder and Producer Jeremy Coon • MTV On-Air Promos • Still Gallery • Trailers
Synopsis: Napoleon Dynamite is a new kind of hero, complete with a tight red 'fro, sweet moon boots, and skills that can’t be topped. Napoleon spends his days drawing mythical beasts, duking it out with his brother, Kip, and avoiding his scheming Uncle Rico. When two new friends enter Napoleon's life - shy Deb and mustachioed Pedro - the trio launches a campaign to elect Pedro for class president and make the student body’s wildest dreams come true. But if Pedro is to beat stuck-up Summer, Napoleon will have to unleash his secret weapon ...

Will Ferrell. Disney, full 1.33:1, DD 5.1, $29.99, 3/1/2005. view cover
Supplements: • “Walt's Annotated Bambi” Feature • Additional Scenes • “Forrest Adventure” Game • Sneak Peek at Bambi II: Great Prince of the Forest • “Disneypedia” Feature • “Disney Time Capsule” • “Making of Bambi: Original Circle of Life” Featurette • All-New Story based on the Golden Book® classic Thumper • Other Supplements TBA
Synopsis: Animated film about a young deer, Bambi, growing up in the wild after his mother is shot by hunters.

Will Ferrell. Universal, wide 1.85/16x9, DD 5.1, $29.99, 12/28/2004. view cover
Supplements: • Released in Extended and Theatrical Cuts, as well as a Gift Set Edition. • Extended Edition (Widescreen Only) will feature 10 minutes of new footage • Gift Set Edition will feature the extended version of the film, as well as a second feature length film entitled Wake Up Ron Burgundy and a Ron Burgundy's Month to View Journal • Supplements TBA
Synopsis: Ron Burgundy is San Diego's top rated newsman in the male dominated broadcasting of the 1970's, but that's all about to change when a new female employee with ambition to burn arrives in his office.

Week of September 22 - October 3

Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn. Fox, wide 2.35/16x9, DD 5.1, $29.98, 12/7/2004.
view cover
Supplements: • Audio Commentary w/ writer/director Rawson Marshall Thurber and actors Ben Stiller & Vince Vaughn • Seven Deleted Scenes w/ optional director’s commentary • Alternate Ending w/ optional commentary • Four Featurettes (“Dodgeball Boot Camp: Training for Dodgeball”, “The Anatomy of a Hit”, “Justin Long: A Study in Ham & Cheese”, & “Dodgeball: Go for the Gold”) • Comedy Montage &bull Blooper Reel • Trailers
Synopsis: A group of misfits enter a Las Vegas dodgeball tournament in order to save their cherished local gym from the onslaught of a corporate health fitness chain.

HERO (2002)
Jet Li. Miramax, wide 2.35/16x9, DD & DTS 5.1, $29.99, 11/30/2004. view cover
Supplements: • "Hero Defined" Making-Of Featurette • Four Storyboard Sequences • Quentin Tarantino Interview
Synopsis: In ancient China, before the reign of the first emperor, warring factions throughout the Six Kingdoms plot to assassinate the most powerful ruler, Qin. When a minor official defeats Qin's three principal enemies, he is summoned to the palace to tell Qin the story of his surprising victory.

Tom Hanks, Catherine Zeta Jones. Universal, wide 1.85/16x9, DD & DTS 5.1, $29.98, 11/23/2004. view cover
Supplements: • Released in both Single-Disc and Gift Set Editions • Single Disc Extras TBA • Three Featurettes (“The Take Off: Making The Terminal”, “Boarding: The People of The Terminal” & “In-Flight Service: Music of The Terminal”) • TBA Gift
Synopsis: Academy Award winning director Steven Spielberg teams up with two-time Academy Award winner Tom Hanks for this critically acclaimed comedy. After arriving at New York's JFK airport, Viktor Navorski (Hanks) gets unwittingly caught up in the richly complex and amusing world inside the airport. Viktor makes friends, gets a job, finds romance and ultimately discovers America itself - all without setting foot outside the Terminal!

Matt Damon. Universal, wide 2.35/16x9, DD 5.1, $29.98, 12/7/2004. view cover
Supplements: • Audio Commentary • Making-Of Featurette • Deleted Scenes • Trailers
Synopsis: The Bourne Supremacy re-enters the shadowy world of expert assassin Jason Bourne (Matt Damon), who continues to find himself plagued by splintered nightmares from his former life. The stakes are now even higher for the agent as he coolly maneuvers through the dangerous waters of international espionage - replete with CIA plots, turncoat agents and ever-shifting covert alliances - all the while hoping to find the truth behind his haunted memories and answers to his own fragmented past.

Week of September 13 - September 22

Clive Owen, Keira Knightley. Touchstone, wide 2.35/16x9, DD 5.1, $29.99, 12/21/2004. view cover
Supplements: • Audio Commentary w/ director Antoine Fuqua • "Round Table" Video Commentary w/ the cast and filmmakers • Deleted Scenes • Alternate Ending w/ optional director's commentary • Featurette: “Blood On The Land: Forging King Arthur” • “Knight Vision” Pop-Up Trivia Track • Playable X-Box Game Demo • Photo Gallery
Synopsis: Based on a more realistic portrayal of "Arthur" than has ever been presented onscreen. The film focuses on the history and politics of the period during which Arthur ruled - when the Roman Empire collapsed and skirmishes over power broke out in man outlying countries - as opposed to the mystical elements of the tale on which past Arthur films have focused.

Renée Zellweger, Hugh Grant. Miramax, wide 1.85/16x9, DD 5.1, $19.95, 11/9/2004. view cover
Supplements: • Audio Commentary w/ director Sharon Maguire • Deleted Scenes • Four Featurettes (“The Bridget Jones Phenomenon”, “Today's Single Woman”, “Portrait of the Makeup Artist” & “Making Of”) • Complete Bridget Jones's Diary Columns • Reviews • Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason Excerpt • Trailers
Synopsis: This hilarious romantic comedy is the story of Bridget Jones (Renee Zellweger), a 32 year old “singleton” who decides to take control of her life by keeping a diary. With a taste for adventure and an opinion on every subject - from her circle of friends, to men, food, sex and everything in between, she’s decided to turn the page on a whole new life. Despite her efforts to get her act together, she finds herself caught between two men - a man who’s too good to be true, Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant) and a man who’s so wrong for her he could be right, Mark Darcy (Colin Firth).

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner. Fox, wide 2.35/16x9, DD & DTS 5.1, $19.98, 11/30/2004. view cover
Supplements: • Audio Commentary w/ director Mark Steven Johnson and Avi Arad • Featurette: “Making Of the Director's Cut"
Synopsis: By day, blind attorney Matt Murdock (Ben Affleck) toils for justice in Hell's Kitchen. By night, he's Daredevil, The Man Without Fear - a powerful, masked vigilante stalking the dark streets with an uncanny radar sense that allows him to "see" with superhuman capabilities. But when the love of his life, fiery Elektra Natchios (Jennifer Garner), is targeted by New York City's ruthless kingpin of crime (Michael Clarke Duncan) and his deadly assassin Bullseye (Colin Farrell), Daredevil may be about to meet his match.

TROY (2004)
Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom. Warner, wide 2.40/16x9, DD 5.1, $29.95, 1/4/2005.
view cover
Supplements: • Easter Eggs • Three Featurettes ("In The Thick of the Battle", "From Ruins to Reality", "Troy: An Effects Odyssey") • Photo Gallery • Theatrical Trailer
Synopsis: Brad Pitt picks up a sword and brings a muscular, brooding presence to the role of Greek warrior Achilles in this spectacular retelling of The Iliad. Orlando Bloom and Diane Kruger play the legendary lovers who plunge the world into war, Eric Bana portrays the prince who dares to confront Achilles, and Peter O'Toole rules Troy as King Priam. Director Wolfgang Petersen recreates a long-ago world of bireme warships, clashing armies, the massive fortress city and the towering Trojan Horse.

Week of September 1 - September 13

Daniel Knauf. HBO, wide 1.85/16x9, DD 5.1, $99.98, 12/7/2004. view cover
Supplements: • Audio Commentary With Director Rodrigo Garcia • Making Of Carnivale • Tarot Card Game • Museum of TV and Radio Seminar • TCA Trailer • The Original Pilot Episode Titled "Milfay"
Synopsis: The Dustbowl. The last great age of magic. In a time of titanic sandstorms, vile plagues, drought and pistilence - signs of God's fury and harbingers of the Apocalypse - the final conflict between good and evil is about to begin. The battle will take place in the Heartland of an empire called America. And when it is over, man will forever trade away wonder for reason. A sweeping epic that is both challenging and highly accessible, this one-hour HBO drama series focuses on the primordial conflict of good vs. evil, as played out against a pair of vivid and unusual backdrops: a traveling carnival working the American Dustbowl circuit, and an evangelical ministry in California.

Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington. Columbia, wide 1.85/16x9, DD 5.1, $24.96, 11/2/2004. view cover
Supplements: • Filmmaker's Commentary • Deleted Scenes • Filographies • Original Making-Of Featurette • Courthouse Protest Footage and Interviews • Music Video: Bruce Springsteen, "Streets of Philadelphia" • Theatrical Trailer
Synopsis: Hailed as a landmark film that dazzles with deep emotion and exceptional acting, Philadelphia stars Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington as two competing lawyers who join forces to sue a prestigious law firm for AIDS discrimination. And as their unlikely friendship develops, their courage overcomes the prejudice and corruption of their powerful adversaries.

Peter Sellers, George C. Scott. Columbia, full 1.33:1, DD 5.1, $34.95, 11/2/2004. view cover
Supplements: • Documentary: The Art of Stanley Kubrick from Short Films to Strangelove • Inside the Making of Dr. Strangelove • Original split-screen interview with Peter Sellers and George C. Scott • Original advertising gallery • Talent Files • Production Notes
Synopsis: A psychotic Air Force General unleashes ingenious foolproof and irrevocable scheme sending bombers to attack Russia. U.S. President works with Soviet premier in a desperate effort to save the world.

SPIDER-MAN 2 (2004)
Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst. Columbia, wide 2.40/16x9, DD 5.1, $29.96, 11/30/2004. Special Edition | Superbit
Supplements: • Commentary w/ director Sam Raimi, Tobey Maguire, producer Avi Arad and co-producer Grant Curtis • Technical Commentary • Blooper Reel • Trivia Track w/ pop-up facts and trivia about the film and the world of Spider-Man • Four Web-i-sodes (Original Online Featurettes) • Train "Ordinary" Music Video • Previews • Featurettes ("Making the Amazing", "Hero in Crisis", "Eight Arms to Hold You", "Interwoven: The Women of Spider-Man") • "Enter the Web" Multi-Angle Featurette on the climatic Pier sequence captured in real-time • Art Gallery • "Spider-Man 2: Spinning the Game" - A behind-the-scenes look at the making of "Spider-Man 2: The Game" • Weblinks
Synopsis: Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) gives up his crime-fighting identity of Spider-Man in a desperate attempt to return to ordinary life and keep the love of MJ (Kirsten Dunst). But a ruthless, terrifying new villain, the multi-tentacled Doc Ock, forces Peter to swing back into action to save everything he holds dear.

Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss. Warner, wide 2.35:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $79.92 / $129.92, 12/7/2004. Standard | Limited Edition
Supplements: • Sold separately as 10-disc set and a limited edition boxed set • Special features listed individually by disc here
Synopsis: The definitive ten-disc DVD set, The Ultimate Matrix Collection features all three films in the trilogy together for the first time ever with a newly remastered picture and sound for The Matrix. Also included is the companion piece The Matrix Revisited and the best-selling The Animatrix, plus five entirely new DVDs packed solid with brand-new supplemental materials that encompass every aspect of the Matrix universe, including two new audio commentaries on each film, Enter the Matrix video game footage, 106 deep-delving featurettes/ documentaries and much more!

Week of August 25 - September 1

Vin Diesel. Universal, wide 2.40:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $29.98, 11/16/2004. view cover
Supplements: • Play a level from "The Chronicles Of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay" Xbox Game • Riddick Inside Facts on Demand • Riddick's Worlds: Interactive 360 Degree View of 8 Sets From the Film • Toomb's Chase Log • Virtual Guide to The Chronicles Of Riddick • Visual Effects Revealed
Synopsis: Vin Diesel reprises his star-making role as Riddick in this thrilling, non-stop action adventure. On the run from a group of bounty hunters, Riddick now finds himself in the middle of a cataclysmic battle between good and evil-and the fate of the human race hangs in the balance.

24: SEASON THREE (2003)
Keifer Sutherland. Fox, wide 1.78:1/16x9, DD 5.1, $69.98, 12/7/2004. view cover
Supplements: • Audio Commentaries for Selected Episodes • Deleted Scenes • Three Featurettes (“24: On the Loose", “Boys and Their Toys” & “Biothreat: Beyond the Series”) • Sneak Peek at Season Four • Multi-Angle Study
Synopsis: This 6-disc set will feature all of the episodes from the third season of 24, along with exciting extra features and a sneak peek at Season Four.

Jason Bateman. Fox, wide 1.78:1/16x9, DD 2.0, $39.98, 10/19/2004. view cover
Supplements: • Audio Commentaries for Selected Episodes • Behind-The-Scenes Featurette • Deleted Scenes • Q&A w/ Creator and Cast • Sneak Peek at Season Two • Promos • Easter Eggs
Synopsis: This clever, original, and all-out-hilarious comedy series from Ron Howard is critically acclaimed as the best comedy on TV (including 7 Emmy nominations).

Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh. Warner, full 1.37:1, DD 5.1, $39.92, 11/9/2004.
view cover
Supplements: • Six New Documentaries ("Melanie Remembers: Olivia de Havilland Recalls Gone with the Wind", "Clark Gable: A King Remembered", "Vivien Leigh: Scarlet and Beyond", "The Making of A Legend: Gone With The Wind", "Restoring a Legend", "The Old South") • Newsreel Footage from 1939 Atlanta and 1961 Civil War Centennial Atlanta premieres
Synopsis: Based on one of the best selling books of all time, Gone With The Wind stands among the greatest epic dramas ever filmed. Vivien Leigh is Scarlett to Clark Gable's Rhett in cinema's greatest epic of passion and adventure. With its immortal cast, magnificent cinematography and sweeping score, this cherished classic continues to thrill audiences today.