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1. 24 Hours to Live [Blu-ray] (2017)
Reviewed by Colin Jacobson: Ethan Hawke elevates pedestrian material in 24 Hours to Live. While Hawke canít make it a particularly good film, he allows it to become more involving than expected. Starring Ethan Hawke, Xu Qing. Lionsgate, $21.99, 2/6/2018.
URL: http://www.dvdmg.com/24hourstolive.shtml - 17k - 07 Dec 2018
2. First Reformed [Blu-Ray] (2018)
Reviewed by Colin Jacobson: An unusual look at a spiritual journey, First Reformed can be a bit hit or miss in the way it explores its themes. A strong lead performance from Ethan Hawke helps keep it together, though. Starring Ethan Hawke, Amanda Seyfried. Lionsgate, $21.99, 8/21/2018.
URL: http://www.dvdmg.com/firstreformed.shtml - 19k - 07 Dec 2018
3. Before The Devil Knows You're Dead (2007)
Reviewed by Colin Jacobson: Well into his eighties, Sidney Lumet remains a compelling director. Before the Devil Knows Youíre Dead sputters at times but remains interesting and provocative ... This is neither a great film nor an exceptional release, but I think itís worth a rental. Starring Philip Seymour Hoffman, Ethan Hawke. ThinkFilm, $27.98, 4/15/2008.
URL: http://www.dvdmg.com/beforethedevilknowsyouredead.shtml - 25k - 07 Dec 2018
4. Adopt a Highway [Blu-Ray] (2019)
Reviewed by Colin Jacobson: Thanks to a good lead turn from Ethan Hawke, Adopt a Highway remains eminently watchable. However, the movie seems so thin and free from real nuance that it never grabs hold of the viewer. Starring Ethan Hawke, Elaine Hendrix. RLJ Entertainment, $29.97, 12/24/2019.
URL: http://www.dvdmg.com/adoptahighway.shtml - 19k - 03 Sep 2003
5. Gattaca: Special Edition (1997)
Reviewed by Colin Jacobson: On its own merits, I think this 2008 Special Edition of Gattaca represents the filmís best DVD release; itís definitely the way to go for fans who own no prior version. However, I donít find much here to warrant a ďdouble dipĒ for those who do have one of the earlier releases Ė especially if they donít care about extras. Starring Ethan Hawke, Uma Thurman
URL: http://www.dvdmg.com/gattacase.shtml - 25k - 07 Dec 2018
6. Regression [Blu-Ray] (2015)
Reviewed by Colin Jacobson: One might expect suspense and drama from a movie about Satanists and/or a copís mental deterioration, but Regression fails to deliver the goods. Despite its attempts at darkness and psychological depth, the film remains dull and insubstantial. Starring Ethan Hawke, Emma Watson. Anchor Bay, $26.99, 5/10/2016.
URL: http://www.dvdmg.com/regression.shtml - 18k - 07 Dec 2018
7. Getaway [Blu-Ray] (2013)
Reviewed by Colin Jacobson: Viewers who hope to find a classic car-based thriller from Getaway will leave disappointed. Derivative and frenetic, the movie throws constant action at us but fails to package the material in a watchable, exciting manner, as it bogs down due to its hyperactive machinations. The Blu-ray comes with excellent audio and good visuals but lacks substantial su
URL: http://www.dvdmg.com/getaway.shtml - 21k - 07 Dec 2018
8. Gattaca [Blu-Ray] (1997)
Reviewed by Colin Jacobson: As a film, Gattaca offers a moving and intriguing experience. It delves more into ideas than action, which makes it unusual in this day and age, and it works quite well. Starring Ethan Hawke, Uma Thurman. Sony, $17.97, 3/11/2008.
URL: http://www.dvdmg.com/gattacabr.shtml - 22k - 07 Dec 2018
9. Dead Poets Society: Special Edition (1989)
Reviewed by Colin Jacobson: As I watched Dead Poets Society for the first time in 16 years, I felt like I was 22 again. The movie delivered a shot of momentum to me back in 1989, and I got the same buzz from it this time. Inspirational but not pandering, the film avoids genre pitfalls to soar with grace and spirit. Starring Robin Williams, Ethan Hawke. Touchstone, $19.99, 1/10/2006
URL: http://www.dvdmg.com/deadpoetssociety.shtml - 26k - 07 Dec 2018
10. Boyhood: Criterion Collection [Blu-Ray] (2014)
Reviewed by Colin Jacobson: While I admire the scope and ambition of Boyhood, the movie itself leaves me more cold than Iíd like. Parts of it engage but the flickís loose, meandering natural makes it somewhat dull. Starring Patricia Arquette, Ethan Hawke. Criterion, $39.95, 10/11/2016.
URL: http://www.dvdmg.com/boyhoodcriterion.shtml - 24k - 07 Dec 2018

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